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Football update!

1. Picking up the ball from a inzane blocking save!
2. Catching infront of a dangerous attacker!
3. Guy in red scored an own goal!
4. Really awesome save, by me!
5. He was alone through, nothing I could do!
6. Tounge and parades out, lol!
7. Looking like a retard!

1,2 and 4 might be sarcastic!

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I think 4 might rather be an epic fail instead of an awesome save.
Quote from rediske :ok here's one of me at work... (I'm a technician in a hospital )

Are you on Scrubs?

you mean Jan Itor?
Quote from zeugnimod :I think 4 might rather be an epic fail instead of an awesome save.

Got tip of finger tips on it and it shaved the bar!
Wow, you goalkeeping alien!
Kaw is so tall, he can lay down on the grass and still touch the bar with his elbow. He has to be a goal-keeping alien.
Here I am, acting my age of course.
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here i am with my shiny 3 day tickets for the Grand Prix Du Canada....
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bahahaha, typical myspace pic. Thats what the timer is for, or siblings
not to be taken to seriously, just jealous for your ticket

btw. this is my dork face
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I didn't realise that the mayor of London was from Germany!
Quote from Kaw :Football update!

5. He was alone through, nothing I could do!


...if he's going to score then you do what I used to do when I played in goals. Take Him Out (and I don't mean treat him to a nice Italian meal and a glass of red wine with the Spaghetti Carbonara, before heading out to one of the local night clubs where the 2 of you shall dance to the delights of the Chemical Brothers and other such well know dance artist, then insisting on waking him to the his place just to make sure he got home safe and maybe chance your luck at a “Coffee Invite” no that's for the special lady in your life)

I mean get him telt properly and make sure he becomes so afraid of you that next time around he cant' perform and fluffs every chance he gets.

Thats how I used to play in nets....most red cards in my team as well.
well, I'd say my hair is more tidy than his . He's a pretty cool guy from what I saw of him on Top Gear.
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me eating a realy good brekfast (a sandwitch) it was 4 degrees C outside so the whole team was gathering around the jet warmer
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4 degrees and you need a warmer? That's T-Shirt and shorts weather, mate! I thought you Swedes could deal with the cold?
ah forgot the wind :insane: nah i tought it was cold back then then this winter the coldest was around -30-35 C that was cold !
A proper winter.
This is me.
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Umm... ok.
Not quite sure ...
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