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Post Your Face:)
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you should see the pics made 2 hours after this one

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Gooby pls

I am so gonna get flamed for this
Needz moar lowz....

Sorry, I had to.

Guess the year.
Early 2009.
The correct answer is 2005.

Was at the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo live show of the Dutch TV station SBS6
At an event a few weeks ago...

And yes, i am aware that i look like an alien of some kind, im calling it an action shot, raving hard haha

I have also now realised who was running around leaving red lipstick marks on people, that girl, whos name i cant remember, or never knew in the first place, just another random raver. Me? MDMA? I've no idea what you mean :]
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omg haha.jpg
You look like you just took a really strong shot.

Keeping on the alcohol topic, I had to hold the cup up to me face to make myself smile.
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and another pic related to alcohol topic, i am highly intoxicated at the moment so i will most likely regret this picture

also ponies <3
Hahah! Nice shirt

Y u so badass hazaky?
cute teddybear
Here is my bloody face
We had three hours to make a video edit (recording + making final video) in city, where was the Czech rolling championship.
Im such a lummox.
A little change c:

sex me.


You and me behind the haibale now?

Post Your Face:)
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