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I can hear greased clutches tut tut
nope no grese as far as i know
And no for something completely different.

Warning, contact racing ahead....

I didnt make it, but my friend dalags did using all his footage over the '08 season.

Any cars that are blue with a yellow roof are the team who's cars i help to build and have raced with in the past, any vinatge car lovers will therefore hate the 1933 standard 10 at 02:08 in the video that i helped build, plus i supply the very bright blue paint too!

And a tribute to 331 Jason 'boxer jack' jackson.

Don't worry, he didnt die or anything, he suffered a freak incident whereby he ended up side on against the fence and was hit in the drivers door at full speed which broke his neck but luckily it wasn't a life threatening fracture and he is still alive and well, although that incident obviously spelt the end of his banger career as he cannot risk itanymore because of the constant knocks on the body in a banger.

2 times unlimited banger racing champion of the world, as well as countless other titles under his belt, he was a true banger legend!
Quote from mblixt :nope no grese as far as i know

I heard something dodgy in there somewhere that didn't sound correct!
can be the leader he vas slow before the heats and then BOOM he vas fastest. it might be some one in the pack the new clutches can pick up chain lube and so on i. i hate to drive with a sliding clutch
New clutches can slip for sure... but a well greased clutch can gain .5 of a second easy. Appaling really considering you don't need a ****ing clutch int he first place.
What the?

Love how he is balancing on the car
Quote from JackDaMaster :Looks like a Nordy rally. I want this in rFactor/GTR.

Insane driving skills.

There is even a reverse winter ns floating around somewhere, at least I got it...
Quote from IDUI :Just found this:
Walter Röhrl in a 911 at Nordschleife.. reverse?

Yes, it´s the Rallye Köln Ahrweiler. I can´t remember the year but I was there. The reverse Nordschleife is a part of a special stage. The rest of the rallye is around the streets of Nürburg. It´s a great Rallye with a lot of very cool old cars. I must have some Clips on my HD somewhere when I visited the Rallye.

Nice find, thank you very much

Edit: The part before they entered the Nordschleife is a road up from Adenau. When I went watching the Stage I somehow managed to get on that road and wondered why there´s no traffic. I gave my V8 the spurs and when reaching the part where they enter the Nordschleife I was shocked why there´s Audience standing on the hills. And then I realized that I entered the Stage just 30 minutes or so before they started :-/
haha thats awesome buedi!
i donno if this is a repost but when i saw it.... see for yourself-

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )