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Not really racing - racing against time, maybe - police commentary driving during a priority run exercise:
Quote from deggis :

Part of some old reportage, Rauno Aaltonen explains how to drive a rallly car, includes onboard, some intense pedal action in the beginning and awesome super slow-mo shots going totally sideways.

I will NEVER EVER let him drive with my G25! I am sure when entering T1 at Blackwood RallyX my G25 Pedals will fall apart
That Footwork looks like fast forward... I´d do that in a real car, but never with the Toys I plug into my PC via USB
Maybe he missed the qualification. If there was one :>
ROFL that`s worse than demo severs.
Kinda oldschool circuit...
Quote from deggis :Kinda oldschool circuit...

Yea that's what I was thinking, it's like Reims meets Avus ring.
awesome, zero safety features and lined up with trees.
Quote from JJ72 :awesome, zero safety features and lined up with trees.

WRC and its guard-rails...

What can I say? Real racers... not the best ones, but you can't say they aren't pure racers... no glamour, no fame, no cocktails, no ornaments... just racing...
Quote from samjh :THAT's a race track?! Obviously not approved by the FIA.

It's almost like they're street racing.

Probably it's approved by FIA in 1960-70

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )