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Full throttle P.I.T., no malice intended.
Another karting video from me, bit more exciting this time:

Me racing in the British Universities Karting Championship (the rookie champs. I'm a n00b! :P). Drove these karts for the first time ever in the dry that morning so still wasn't completely comfortable with them, (only the second time I'd ever driven outdoors in the dry!), still climbed up from 20th on the grid (random) to finish 5th which was our team's best result of the day. Really pleased with how the race went and looking forward to the next time.

LFS'ers were also racing in the "main" championship the day after, with multiple Vodafone DMAX podium winner person Joseph "JO53PHS" INSIDE ELLIS!!! Ellis helping Bath A to 7th in the overall standings, and Dan "dan_b23" Barber putting Nottingham A 19th in the standings.
Well done mate! Hope you had fun! One day maybe you'll get to drive one of these bad boys (a little video I put together)
I took part in winter kart cup (3 races).
We won two races and we were 5th in the last race (video).
We was first overall.
On the video is my weak stint. There was no practice and qualification before race, so the first laps are bad. I was after big party also
We drew No.1 kart which was slow, so we changed the kart in 2nd stint.
2 Hours race - 4 people, nice indoor track.
On of our team member was Lukas Pesek, who will join MotoGP season this year
That rear view camera is interesting. It seems to tag the Cars behind you and then shows the driver on which side they are overtaking
its not just a camera, but a radar system that calculates if the cars behind are faster. If there is a green arrow its slower, a red arrow shows that it is faster. Their is quite a bunch of electric shenanigans in that car, like those blue LED flashers that show tire slip for left/right independently.

edit: totaly standard Megane 26.R o ... ng inbetween VLN racecars
Hahaha the topcomment in that vid!
woah, guess that guy normally drives an automatic. Its like those people confusing brake and throttle, they just freeze in what they're doing

like my grannie, she drives here automatic Astra like a kart, one foot brake, one throttle, "I can react faster like that"

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )