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Who put all that Tarmac and those guardrails on that mountain?
If I had to die on that track, I´d rather do it in the 80s. Then people would be sad and say: "Holy shit, did you see how he jumped down that cliff? What a death". But on the todays track it´s more like "ROTFL LOL, look at this bloke, crashed on that sissy track and and broke his neck while hitting that railguard"

No no. It´s really an impressive Video. That tarmac is good for some nice Top speed. And he had a moment (around 8:00?) and the spectators too a little bit later on one of the right handers... he came really close to the spectators
Quote from buedi :Who put all that Tarmac and those guardrails on that mountain?

Quote :The resurfacing is result of a 1997 lawsuit by the Sierra Club against the city of Colorado Springs, which has operated the highway since 1948 and leases it from the U.S. Forest Service.

The lawsuit accused the city and Forest Service of violating the U.S. Clean Water Act by putting tons of gravel on the road that cascades down the mountain during storms, burying plants, choking streams, silting reservoirs and killing fish.

The suit was settled when the city agreed to lay asphalt on the 12 unpaved miles of highway, build concrete culverts, dig catch- basins to divert and control storm water and revegetate eroded slopes. ... is_20050925/ai_n15614354/

It's going to completely paved from 2012.

but understandable.
cant they just surround the foot of the mountain with something and capture the washed gravel......
Economic values were invented by Satan.
Imagine next year, when its all paved, and some european hillclimb racers decide to bring their F3000s and Osellas over there ... sub 8 min mark anyone?
how to take a hairpin if your car is black and orange

It's certainly true that videos like that put your faith back into racing. I've always liked Bianchi tho since his Maranello Kart days, just a proper stylish and fearless racer. - - he's in the red-yellow kart Oh the days of 20,000rpm karts !
I saw that race live ... imagine sitting in that portaloo it kicked over
Quote from sinbad :I liked the parts where they didn't turn in on each other because they didn't want to be passed.

Indeed... any nobody got a penalty..

Racing videos
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