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New players say hi here
hi, im not a brand new player, (although still a bit of a noob), but iv noticed that everytime a new player joins and introduces themselves, they start a new thread, so i thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where new players can introduce themselves without starting a whole new thread each time. (probably the most sensible idea ive had i think )

EDIT: thanks to janezki for turning this into a sticky, so please try to keep it clean, and welcoming to all new players.

Prepare to loose your social life!!!
And watch out for Tristan!! And JakG!!!!
Im new!!
well, had lfs for about a month i think
its great fun, and i want to say cheers to laughing gravy and del for giving me some tutoring the other night, it helped loads although im still the slowest player on most tracks lol

wee frase
Good idea, I think a lot of people thought of it before. But newbies especially don't use search function, and they don't read stickies... So if this gets sticky, would everybody use it? If it becomes a sticky, I see many flameing thread raising over "use the new players say hi here thread!!".

Good idea though, it should lower the amount of new guy threads around.
#4 - th84
Hi Im th84!! Im a noob here at lfs, anyone know where to find a team?
Go to the teams section of the forum, but whatever you do, don't join the noobs team, they suck!!

#6 - th84
Yea, ive heard some bad thing's about those guy's.
They are very unfriendly.

They almost never say "hello", especially on servers with green letters.
#8 - th84
ROFL!! We.... I mean they only do that on one "special" server.
your all mad... but we like you anyway
Will sticky this. Just try to behave, ok?
welcome to lfs i wish you pleasant races without too much flaming and bannage
I'm new too! Welcome community!
Hi there!

Although I have had my S2 Licence for some time now, I've never come to playing seriously. I really like the game, the possibilities, and the community. I hope I get started soon, since I didn't even finish a single race due to a lack of time and missing free space for my DFP.
At the beginning, the game can be a bit frustating but after a few lap you get used to the handling of the cars. As a GP2 veteran - yeah, that was the first realistic driving sim I played over a very long time - I'd really like to go in-deep with LFS, so I hope I'll be seeing some of you on the servers at some time.

Hey, I'm new as well and I have a question!

I've had the game for about 4-5 days now, and I'm planning to buy the license soon, however I was still wondering how long it takes the average player to be able to drive laptimes of 1:33:XX (or 1:34 consistently)
I currently drive 1:35-36 consistently and my best hotlap is 1:34:84. (BL GP with a GTI, of course) I was just wondering how big the improvements are after this and how long it takes to achieve them ;D

Thanks in advance.
It depends mostly on the player himself, and how much he practices. Also the setup will have to do a lot with it too.

I can't really say how long it'll take, but when you unlock S2, most people don't really stay hanging around for blackwood long, so when you unlock it, you might find a different, more challenging track/car combo that you like, and if you like it even more, you'll get faster..faster

And you'll love the way you'll get treated on S2 servers. I can tell you, after a pretty long time now, I visited a demo server again yesterday... Wow, I did one race and I got sick of the attitude already!
#15 - Vain
How long you need to become competitive depends very much on the car/track-combination you try. When I unlocked S2 my first choice was the FZ5 on Aston National. After 500 laps I was still 4 seconds off the wr, which is quite bad for 500 laps.
Then, one afternoon where no one played this combination, I switched the car and suddenly I was very competitive within a few days practice.
So it really depends on wether you and the car understand each other. Thus I will use this post to praise diversity. Try all combinations that look interesting and don't seem too difficult. That way you will understand the physics quickly and will soon learn how to drive fast.
Oh, and there's no newcomer-thread where this url shouldn't be listed:

Vain is right, kinda said the same thing like me, it depends really much on the combo. For example, I've never driven open wheelers untill yesterday, got a good setup from someone, and I'm able to win races and be very competitive (blackwood - FO8)

You should try to focus on one combo first, an easy one, like Aston National in GTR's. When you start getting really good at that combo, you can spread out to other combo's, and you'll mostly do surprisingly well. I mean, I'm not a racing genius, but the last two new combo's I tried I was in the top of the pack after 4 laps or so, and I was breaking pretty good pb's after 30 laps.
i think i suffer from changing combo to much. if i practised one car on one track would i become better, than if i keep changing?
I already posted something similar to this in another thread but I just want to say that I just bought S2 License about 5 minutes ago and I'm pumped and ready to go. Im so excited. No more constant demo racing for me! Im Free!
Newbie Here
Hello all!
Although I've had LFS S2 for a couple of months now, I have yet to go online & race. I'd like to find a "minor leauge" group, if you will, as I am certainly not ready to race with the veterans. Anybody know of a good natured group that welcomes newbs? I want to race with people who are as inexperienced as myself, but who are not out to have a demolition derby. Not intentionally anyway.
#20 - Jakg
try any properly run server (ie no oval) i would shamelessy plug the [MG] racing (public) server, but i just did
Also Hi from here I have S2 since a couple of days and have played the Demo over about half a year. Thanks a lot to all the brains who made and still make this wonderful Sim reality. I bow in deep respect.

Have fun !

#22 - Vain
Welcome to the newcomers!
This thread actually serves it's purpose. Nice! (I didn't expect this.)

If you want to start out with onlineracing just join a server that runs a combination that you like and has a few people on it. There's really nothing you can do wrong unless you deliberately hit people. When you're online you can ask other people for their setups and can sometimes watch other people to get an idea of the ideal racing line. Just go and race online, that's the best practice.
And if you have any questions about rules like pit-speed or flags, just ask.

Hello people :wave2:

I have played the DEMO for 4 weeks and now, i have LSF S2 for almoast 2 months. The online racing is great, also great is that the moast people help me with setups and give me advice for the ideal racing line.


Hi all

Just got S2 last night, played for a few hours, nearly finished all the training. Came on the forums to check out how to get the most out of my S2 experience, so lets see how I go XD
hi i jesus. welcome, and some advice which will make you more liked, use the search function if you have a question. hope you enoy s2.

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