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SUIT & Glove Skins
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Stunning! Downloading now

What are the chances of more F1 suits coming this way?
very nice
its a pitty we cant upload suits to LFSWorld
#28 - axus
Beautiful! Would love a BMW suit too... hint, hint.
*cough* McLaren *cough*
Nice avatar, axus.
#31 - joen
Very nice job!!
Thank you
The BMW suit looks way too bright (or maybe its hte screens) the first one posted is amazing!
#34 - axus
Thanks , just needs a bit of darkening I think. Otherwise, awesome work!
which one do i clik 2 get the honda racin suit??
Hey man, some nice work! great skins.
Is there any chance of getting a WilliamsF1 suit?
Is ther an Renault F1 driver suit coming?
tonix can u improve the sauber suit skin to the level of the honda? thanks
make an entire suit, skin, and helmet set for 2006.good luck
awesome work you guys!! it brought us to a new level of realism! and since im currently working for honda, well i appreciate it even more! but the quality is just amazing wooow
i have one small request, i dont have your talent tonix but i have many ideas. you must have a good amount of work already, but i am a huge porsche fan, and i'd like t be able o drive around in a porsche suit! just like one you did for Beemer (BMW !) very simple, white with a harness (red, blue, green, pink i dont care !!) a small porsche logo on the chest and a few sponsors like mobile, alpinestars, ... and "porsche" written on the leg ! if you could do that ...!! i think you got the point !
thx in advance

edit: i know it says S1 licensed but im playing the demo of S2 ! cant wait for S3 !
A little updated BMW suit. I hope it looks better now .
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#45 - axus
Wow! That's a massive improvement! Thanks!

EDIT: Watch KiD ask for an update on the Honda suit to bring it upto scratch with the BMW one :P
Some kind of Porsche suit made for BuddY ChRisT .
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thanks tonix. bmw is my fave team.
hey all...

I have loved this skinning of suits, and have made A LOT of my own, cutting around and making them all fit together, but they are nothing compared to these. My request is, why cant Mr. Tonix, or someother suit-skinning pro post a PSD file PLEASE! I would really like to make suits that would end up looking like that, but I need the PSD file. If you dont mind...


A Senna McLaren suit would just rule
i could post mine, but again, its nowhere as good as those, i just cant do it without the layering.
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SUIT & Glove Skins
(437 posts, started )