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''Number 33 loved 'Ghostriding the whip' during a tedious race...''
33 dude ask to the 65 dude "Man!! How's your bike going?" and so 65 dude asnwer "Really good mate, wanna come?"
Quote from Greboth :Moto GP for this one.

Siamese twins make surprise bid for Moto GP championship.
"Hell! I am 65 and you are 33! Quick, swap the bikes."
Move over a bit more to take 26 out too!
"Two Bikes are faster than one?"
"Jakg trying his new bike"
Quote from DarkTimes :Siamese twins make surprise bid for Moto GP championship.

Made me smile the most, so Winner!
OK cool, hope this hasn't been posted.
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Quote from DarkTimes :OK cool, hope this hasn't been posted.

Bernie:"What you did? did you just let Alonso go aaway?, he's giving us money"
Briatore: "OMG what i just did"
guy in white to guy in blue: Im telling you! i did your wife last night and she was better then i expected.
Flavio: Thanks, Bernie, but I can pick it myself.
I told You Flavio... Do not mess up with a Rich Dwarf.
*reaches for lips* "shhhh, its our little secrete"
falvio practice these words in front of a mirror: i did not have sexual relations with _that_ pitgirl
I know you shouldn't really post a caption for your own pick, but...

Bernie: "Smell my finger".
Not sure everyone will get this but

"Now listen here Flavio, someone has robbed my yellow pages, I want to know who it is"
Bernie to Flavio: STFU or I'll ban Renault from F1
Bernie to Flavio:- ''You lose the bet, you do the forfeit. Now turn around!''
Hey-a, Bernie, how-a many toupees do you own-a?
Im sorry, but i only help Ferrari

or.. check out the size of this, it came out my nose
"Alright mate, here's a good riddle. What do you get when you cross a giraffe with a dog?"

Quote from Hankstar :Flavio: Thanks, Bernie, but I can pick it myself.

Winner - It made me audibly chuckle.
I want you to steal one engine from Ferrari, just one.
flavio was not amused when bernie ecclestone asked him to pull his finger

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )