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UK LFS meet, All Welcome
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UK LFS meet, All Welcome


Hi Guys,

Well after the T7R party we had back in July, people have seen the movies, and pictures, and are quiet taken back that 1 game can bring so many people together in 1 place, from all different countries. So again, I am going to test the water

With the help of some other UK LFS'ers, they have thought up this totally awesome idea. Below is the initial planes. Please post ur comments and also, if you are ABLE to attend to the ( hopefully ) biggest LFS meet in the UK, and also, the Developers, come meet and greet the UK drivers of your awesome sim ( see I said sim, not game )

The location of the track is st. james industrial estate, Northampton, right near the train station.

The idea is to have a 1.5 hour endurance, with team mates from LFS being team mates in real life, (Although this is very dependable on who can come, we will acommendate everybody, as we don't just want this to be a LFS Team event ) The winner, fastest lap, second and third places will receive trophies, and the winner will receive a special live for speed karting trophy. The event will have to be booked, but provisionally it would be good for the middle to end of October, depending on when everyone is available.

Around 20 people would be best for the event, 10 teams on track at once.

Hopefully we can have prizes like a 2005 Live For Speed UK Karting Champion trophy, and a little awards ceremony too, for a laugh.

After we can go to swifty’s house and play LFS and generally drink to much, or a pub and chat and generally drink too much.

Now I will be there for one, as the T7R party has really given me an insite to meet and greet fellow LFS Racers, old and new, and also, I hope that other fellow LFS drivers will be there also.

More details will follow as soon as we get a rough number of people that "can" attend.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully will meet all you nice people 1 day

Best Regards



1. Triple Seven Racing (T7R)
Lippy (Confirmed )

2. Triple Seven Racing 2 (T7R)
Three Jump (Confirmed)
Fordman (Confirmed)

3. vMax
TristanCliffe (Confirmed)
Tux (Confirmed)

4. Team Syncro Racing (tsr.)
LawVS (Confirmed)

5. 4 Sight Racing (4SR)
W.Dendy (Confirmed)
Scotty (Confirmed)

6. Driver's Emporium (dE)
P1lot (Confirmed )
Gopher04 (Confirmed) ( **We have loaned dE a driver )

7. Team D.e.v
Scawen (Confirmed)
Victor (Confirmed)

8. Others (And spares from other teams)
Danowat (Confirmed)
AndyC (Confirmed )
GP4Flo (Confirmed )
Mantis9 (Confirmed)
Da Hoe ( Confirmed )
BobSmith (Confirmed )
SchiZ ( Confirmed )
Official Camera Man/Sarcastic Commentator - The_Angry_Angel (Confirmed)
I'm definitely up for it. Just tell me when!

Who from vMax can make it as my team mate? :P
I already have my team m8 ear marked, but its close to a few t7R members, so as per usual, expect a T7R onslaught
dont count out the 4SR team!!!
tsr will be along, hopefully, we already have 1 coming, they will be strong
u cant count out vmax, after tristans performance at the weekend!
:nol2: :zombie:
thats because if it doesn;t work, he will use his trusty hacksaw. Remember Tristan, no modding of Karts
I'll only mod other peoples
lol some of them are bad enough without your hacksawing 'skills'
would be great to go, but its a long drive up to Northampton
2 hour drive from home (Norwich) or 2 and a half from Uxbridge (uni), so no excuses
Hay Tristan, you could always drive to mine, and then I take us there, and we stay over

Also, others from Norfolk, or who are on way, give me a shout.

Or you can come in my car, and we'll see how many roundabouts I can get sideways on
hey if the devs came, we should pay for them, since they are legends.

if the dev team didnt get a good kart, im sure scawen could play with the physics a little.
This may be the first time I ever wished I was British.

Quote from dUmAsS :would be great to go, but its a long drive up to Northampton

Don't be a wuss. I'm from Portsmouth and live in Newcastle, that's a long drive. Anyway, I'm moving back down South in a couple of weeks, if someone can pick me up I'll pay half the fuel. Would be cheaper than me getting the train anyway. If there's three or more of us we can have a party in the car on the way as well. Awesome.

This seems like a good idea, maybe bringing us one step closer to the LFS Convention that Tristan and I seem to keep dreaming about.

£120 for a team.... how many people to a team??

And, I might have a problem on the old team front, there's only two of us this side of the channel.
Quote from DeadWolfBones :This may be the first time I ever wished I was British.

same hahahahahha

lol i think i would cry in joy if i ever saw the devs
#17 - Nard
Do they make deals if you book a whole charter plane as one group?

Although if we crashed LFS would lose too many adepts! :tombstone :tombstone :tombstone :tombstone
I'd come to this. Although I ain't that well known and I'm not in a team. But I only live a few miles away, and having been involved in LFS since the first week of the very first demo, I'd like to get involved, get to meet the Devs if they turn up, and some fellow LFSers, and of course, get drunk.

I could get my brother to join me as a two man team . . .
Quote from Nard :Do they make deals if you book a whole charter plane as one group?

Yes, yes they do. It ain't cheap though. As a bonus, I could be the pilot. I am licensed and I work cheap.

2 Hour drive is too long for this???? Are you NUTS? I used to commute that far every day (each way... up hill... in the snow... ). You can't even get half way across the state in two hours. It takes 5 just to go visit my sister, and you don't even leave the state, or the west coast for that matter and it is due East of here.

Sounds like a good idea. Too bad I used up my vacation time going to that silly ALMS race.
Yep, I'd be up for that, just say when and I'll be there, not sure I am "go-karting" material but I'll have a bash non-the-less.

If anyone would need a lift on the Diss-Northampton route, then I would be glad to pile a few peeps into the torque monster .

well, as there is a limited number of spaces, we will probably only have 1 or 2 teams of people without LFS teams as fordman is being selfish and want to bring 2 T7R teams!

so bob smith and the other guy, im sure we can pair you up with someone, either an odd number from another team, or a guy without an LFS team all together.

There are 2 per team, it means its more expensive than say 3 per team, but hey, you get more time in the seat. If any teams did want 3 (for some reason) then that wouldnt be a problem

They arent the fastest karts, but it should be a good laugh!
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PS if scawen or eric see this, im sure everyone coming could club together and pay for your race, hotel etc
I'll might be able to come to this one Fordy - I'm registering interest anyway
ok mabey 2 hours isnt too long :bike:
Depending on when it is, I'll attempt to be there!

You wont see me racing though - purely spectating and providing healthy sarcastic commentry.

UK LFS meet, All Welcome
(492 posts, started )