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Ahh! Thanks mate.
Cannot find LFS process.
That is exactly the error I get in Ubuntu using Wine to launch both LFS and LFSLazy. Obviously windows processes and linux processes are different, but they are still both processes on a fundamental level. Maybe there is just a small issue regarding how to attach to the process. Maybe the pid's are just called something different in Wine.

I don't see this as a support issue, because I don't think LFSLazy was designed for this. So it's more like a add-on feature / extended support. Still, any help on the issue would be greatly appreciated.
Now whenever I return to the track after pitting, the gauges simply disappear, to make them reappear I need to restart LFSLazy.
Any fixes for this bug?
I second that.

Quote from Kanade :Hello, I get "cannot write overlay file" currently which makes the dashboard go black.
LFSLazy is running as admin (win10) and I tried with do not verify address and without.

Any clues? Thanks per advance.

(1355 posts, started )