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First race of the season 2017!
We got problems with engine and damaged suspension.
We are happy that we finished the race...

2 races during one weeknd? Yes!
I had to participate in two races during one weekend.
Kartcross in Nová Paka + 24 hour kart race in Prague during night.

Everything went unexpectedly well and we survived!

bad sound for my Confused
Another race, another VLOG, another podium!

How can you needlessly damage your buggy, make a double fracture on your thumb and then finish on podium?

Nice work, coming back from an incident like that! The driver of the red buggy behind you in that last race could use a reminder of where to find his brake pedal tho... Uh-hu Big grin
I did some rounds in big car festival in Prague, with gypsum Big grin
Entertaining lap and comments.
Poor Esteban... :]

Pushing to the limit

My first time in Přerov - nice fast circuit, where is also held the European Championship

Crashes, jumps, small surgery and onboards in my new video Wink

Video of another race, full of crashes and dangerous situations.

What do you think about the incidents and who is responsible for them?

6:48 - When I saw that, first thing I thought was, "Oh yeah - that guy plays LFS" Big grin
360° video, use your mouse and look around!

Another rallycross race with bad final round.

We finally won a race after 2 years of fighting for every centimeter in the Kartcross division!

(Petrdo) DELETED by Scawen
Maybe we raced on the future WorldRX circuit in Austria?
I almost won again...

A full race uploaded on the official F1 channel. What is happening, is this the end?

After short break we had another great race on a great track.

Race Of Champions CZ

How to defend this divebomb?

The last race of the season didn't go well and I crashed to the scariest wall on the circuit Big grin

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )