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Quote from Intrepid :Like the BTCC, but with a better standard of driving

Quote from Intrepid :I wanna see MORE of that race series!

I will admit I wanna see some more, but only for a good laugh.
You don't have to be a good driver to race "hi-spec GT cars" in other parts of the world, you just need a deep pocket, you know..... Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East and what not.

Maybe the car sucked, but I just don't see how professional drivers can misjudge cornering speeds by 20kph and turn in right in the middle on the track.

The guy who won the race has no race experience before this series.
The second place man (shaikh hamad bin isa al khalifa) is apparently the prime minister of Qatar!
Third place man (shaikh hamad bin isa al khalifa)....I can't find any racing profile of him outside this series.....

last series winner and aka the man to beat is Raed Raffii - Racing career highlights:Thunder Arabia Middle Eastern champion 2005. (wtf? is that)

So professional drivers my ass.

And that driving coach is very appreciative with his customers apparently, not hard to imagine when you are serving billionares play boy racers.
I don't reckon I could do any better...

...I KNOW I could do better... I'd trounce the lot of them!
If any one has a link to watch the whole race please post, this looks like a fun series to watch with popcorn.
Oh shit, I hate them so much. :bananadea
that's absolutely fantastic footage
that first audi around the bend, when the spectator puts his hands on his head in awe - i could watch that bit over and over haha
Quote from BlueFlame : ... _Qpcc&feature=channel

The videos of the japs testing cars and stuff, proves that they CAN make good TV, and they definately know how to broadcast races and stuff, the humour is also good, they make a better job than Top Gear do imo, humour isn't over done and you actually see the drivers at the helm and not just shots of "could be anyone" drifting like a moronic fool.

hey i loved this one, thanks for posting
Quote from N I K I :hey i loved this one, thanks for posting

There's PLENTY more on that GTChannel, channel, on youtube, they are uploading FULL episodes... definately a great thing to have on your subscriptions.

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )