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S2 Giveaway
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I'm in good luck everyone.
I`m In.
S2 -> S3

Count me in.
I'm in. Let's do this!
Congratulations to DGontarz!
Sent PM.
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Count me in for S2 -> S3
Im in Smile
Thx <3
Let's try to win S1->S2
Good luck Guys Big grin
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Quote from DGontarz :Let's try to win S1->S2
Good luck Guys Big grin

Gratulacje xD, widzimy sie pozniej x)
im in
Hey Kris! I want to participate! It would be awesome to win an s2 licence Big grin
All of sudden, this post from me, suits to be the one theme like this:

In this series, there is still chance to get as FOUR total LFS S3-vouchers! Get a win S2 here, join for the races and rounds ( remember to check requirements as well ), and grab the whole S3 voucher! There is EASY, VERY EASY catch on team sections in order to get one, if nothing else. Build a team of at least four, go for it!
I'm in. Let's try again Smile
We have drawn a winner as well.
Congrats to Viterbo Lfs for a Demo to S2 upgrade.
I know, i win this s2 :v im in Smile
Good luck all and congratulations Viterbo Wink
See you later on s2 Smile
Many thanks, now to go down times!
yes, go race later !! Big grin
Congrats viterbo
I'm in.
I'm in
I'm in
i'm in
i'm in ! Big grin
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S2 Giveaway
(810 posts, closed, started )