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New players say hi here
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Right. I should have specified $18.68 per license Smile
Cool thanks guys.Gonna be a few days before i get my wheel and actually start racing.I did some iracing and was wondering how this compared ?it's a lot cheaper.
Hello everyone. I'm new to the LFS community and look forward to finding a league or a championship to join soon Smile
Hei hei
Hiii the greenhorn from Maastricht Netherlands
hello I am of venezuela and speak spanish! (Alguien habla español aqui ?)
Hi, I´m new in this extraordinary game but not in the racing passion, I hope I can learn of all of you.
Hola Yiobani, soy de México
New kid in town
Hello, i'm Bastian from the Netherlands. I'm new here! Hope i can improve my riding soon and race against one of you!
hi bro
Hi, I'm a newbie. Found a Driving Force GT at a Goodwill store (charity resale shop) over the weekend for just 12 bucks. Looks brand new too. Did an online search for what it would work with and discovered Live for Speed. Having a blast so far but geez I can't drive very well.

hellow! im new here
Hellow new user
OK so i bought the s2 how do i download the new content?Do i delete the old lfs and reinstall?
On the LFS entry screen, bottom right, log in with your LFS username (rocker43) and your GAMEpassword.

If you haven't set your GAMEpassword yet, you can do so on this website. Click your name at the top right, select Personal details. Then find the fields that say "Enter a GAMEpassword". Here you fill in yourpassword to use in game (it should be different from your web password).
Hi! Just bought S2, any tips where can I find good racing servers apart from the stupid drift servers and the carmageddon style demo servers? I tought that the gates of heaven will open for me if I buy S2, now I'm a bit dissapointed...
hi here
Yo LFS Im new here. Thanks for sharing servers didnt know such think existed. Smile
Hi mates, see you on the tracks!
Hi, okay
Welcome :P
So, hello everyone! I'm kind of new to LFS (played demo for a while and then got S2 license) and I've been learning how to drift on a Logitech G27. I'm still new to the game and the wheel, so wish me some luck!
Heyyy, I'm new here, can anyone can give good drift spec's for the XR GT Smile

New players say hi here
(3595 posts, started )