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Some pics taken from the Queens Birthday fly-past (shame the short time that they were airbourne it was mainly overcast)

Some random shots taken from a stunt show we took one of our lads to see


Aircraft have come out great, Ian. I'm going to the Sunderland Air Show at the end of the month, hoping to get some good ones myself then.
Random stuff from July:

A Journey of 2 Halves - Strathaven to Muirkirk & Back. Doing a bit of testing with the G1WH dashcam I got a couple of weeks ago. It could do with a higher bitrate in certain situations (it records at around 12Mbps with the default firmware, but there's a possibility to flash it with another which records at 15Mbps). Also seems to struggle quite a lot when the sun is in the frame (or near the edge) in terms of contrast/saturation. There isn't a lot of latitude to work with contrast/saturation in post because of the default picture style settings (which I don't think you can change). Still, for £35 it still does a pretty decent job.
Fantastic photos, Tautvis. Although, some photos are a bit overdone (speaking about post production). The main problem - too much of contrast and too much saturated photos, but the rest are top notch Impressive photography.
Quote from seniecka :Fantastic photos, Tautvis. Although, some photos are a bit overdone (speaking about post production). The main problem - too much of contrast and too much saturated photos, but the rest are top notch Impressive photography.

Thanks! About that saturation and contrast overkill.. it is like drug for me, i want to say no for it, but well.. lets add some more.. and more..
TAUTV1S, you certainly know how to shoot "pretty".

Here are some from my photos from this years Sunderland Air Show. Really need a huge zoom to get good photos from the distance the aircraft were from the beach. Had to crop most of them quite a lot.

A few other randoms:

I went camping.

Dang you people and your amazingly sharp equipment and amazing processing skills. Haven't been here in a while and started riding a bike for exercise lately carrying my still same POS camera now and then. Figured I'd post a few shots, then I look at all the shots here and I don't want to post them, LOL.

Ah well, here are a few from around Pittsburgh, PA riding the bike on the shore trails of the 3 rivers. I live out in the country and ride either on Rails to Trails in the woods along the river or out in the hilly countryside amongst farms and woods out on the road. This was quite a different experience riding.

Not a great shot of the city quality wise with the blue haze covering the buildings.

Overlooking Point State Park from the Fort Duquesne Bridge

Unbelievably loud sitting here on the trail taking this.

Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL

PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, NBL

guys,can you give me an advice over which camera to go for? it will be my first slr so i dont know much, i had some read,but maybe you used them before so who knows. So im looking at nikon D5300 and canon eos 700D. i like the idea of touch screen but apperently the nikon takes better pics and has more autofocus point 39 vs 9 (9 cross type both).

Any feedback is welcomed
Go and try them both if you can, one might feel better to you. Years ago I was going to buy a Canon 300D (or 350, can't remember) and had a go with one - I just didn't get on with it, so tried a Nikon D50 and it just felt right to me so I bought one
The D5300 is the better camera.
cheers boys ! d5300 it is
Just replaced my trusty D60 with a D5200 (figured I didn't need the WiFi and GPS and there didn't seem much else to warrant the extra £100?) and very happy with the results. The D60 is going to our young lad (laying down next to our youngest in first pic with my Nikon Coolpix) as he seems to be really enjoying photography at the moment.

Here's a few that were taken yesterday with standard 18-55 kit lens at Dagenham Ford in Essex for the 2014 Frankie's Car Fest in aid of Frankie's Hospice.


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A few more from the same event...


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Some stuff from Portland, Maine:

I'm suddenly feeling very hungry, thanks Ben. Nice pics as always.
i did buy the 5300 hope fully pics soon here
I put together a video from the annual hot air balloon festival around here. It was a bit of an exercise in trying to capture different kinds of photos/videos and learn a bit about editing. I'm not that happy with how it turned out (for various reasons), but better out than in, as they say. I'd welcome any constructive criticism or feedback you have, please.

Strathaven Balloon Festival 2014
my first slr pic.i had to reduce quality coz its 64 mb?!
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Camera Showoff
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