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a couple more votes and il post
The power mahahaha.....

Go for it logitek. That was pretty good.

this could get good
'The Doctor' said this was a winning cornering tactic.
"Yes, yes, yes, leave me alone, I know what I'm doing"
"Hmm, strange tyre physics there."
"Omar1 in his natural habitat."
Quote from Bose321 :"Omar1 in his natural habitat."

haha it took me a little bit to realize why thats funny, but you got it

I'm bad at finding good pictures, so here it goes:

To prevent drunk driving related accidents F1 has now switched to non-alcoholic champagne.
He's just spitting it over to Kimi so he can drink it.
Felipe spitting into Hamilton's face after latter one lost his record of youngest point scorer to mr. Sebastian Vettel
"This helps me to get a career ending win"
"Kimi must be mad at Lotus, as he definetily can't afford one of these"
why am i the only one who needs driving fluid!?

sidenote: jager doesnt get me drunk...i have had alarming amounts and felt nothing....rough life.
Hold my drink.
Red Bull is planning to make a brand new energy drink named "Red Mustache". Even gives something better than wings
my buddy here ate out a redhead
Team Red Bull has attended no-shave November to raise small balls syndrome awareness.
And just when you thought Sebastian Vettel couldn't look like more of a twat.

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )