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Is wrong, the Camaro was designed by Pwrslave, JJ72 Designed my helmet.
Talks about his Camaro and helmet.

OT: im just a forum lurker Dennis.
Is from mother Russia
Has troubles communicating in his native language in his home country (sadly).
Has a killer machine which kills the driver, not the others.
Nobody can pronounce his name. (Well... there might be someone)
Is so much like a boss that his name actually is Boss, but replacing the s with z
Is so unknown even the highest authorities cant discover his real name and location.
He believes NSA have not spied everyone
is secretly part of the NSA
Believes I am secretly part of NSA because the talk of about it

Off Topic: I think in internet, everyone have possibility to spy everyone, regardless of any organisation/community/company/any, not everyone really need to spy though.
Thinks my nickname comes from Boss

OffT: FYI , no it doesn't (LoL at my obviousness)
is obvious
states the obvious
Doesn't really get the point of this.

You should write something about the person above, not an obvious action made by him.
just stated something that nobody cared about XD
helps Unknown to keep the thread alive.
is nice enough to helps us
has none
Robot. Golden one.
mainiac, f1 one
His nickname comes from a cartoon broadcasted 9 years ago.
Farted at least 2 times today and drank a liter of vodka on last weekend.
said at least sorry 2 times a day
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About people
(1360 posts, closed, started )