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Steam Sales
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Quote from AlienT. :Oh dear I've already got so many games that I have not even started to play and probably never will. Still got an urge to get more though, I must resist, must resist, must resist.

Same. But I already bought something.
i just bought metro 2033 for 3.75$
I remember it was thrown out for free on some website...

My list so far:

I am alive 5€
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 + DLC 7€

Waiting for:

Skyrim LE
Far Cry 3
AC 3

Maybe even something like Flatout.
This weekend....Steam has won despite best attempts to resist.

Got the Walking Dead (+ the DLC 400 Days), The Ship, Just Cause 2, Thomas Was Alone, FTL and hopefully Gunpoint appears on the Flash Sales.

I hate these sales I really do.
Yeah Mysho, I got metro 2033 from following their Facebook ;D
if anyone doesnt own arma 2, its only 8.49 atm for CO. its worth it just for original dayz
And the standard version of ARMA is only £2.71.
Bought FEZ (doesn't run) and Borderlands 2 (to play co-op with a friend) so far.
I bought nothing and will buy nothing. But certain person from this forum was crazy enough to buy me Spec Ops: The Line. Thank you certain person!
What a crap sale offers!


wtffff...... Mainly indie games getting more than 70% off. Seems like Gabe needs bigger wallet...
Picked up Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 before for $5, there goes my night.
Euro Truck sim 2 is really cheap, i think it's £6.49, not bad
I'm won't buy anything unless it's at least 75% off. It's a bit like playing chicken...I have spent about £20 so far but have got an autumn/winter collection that will keep me out of trouble.
Bought the Euro truck Sim 2 and DiRT "Megapack" (including Dirt 2, Dirt 3, Dirt Showdown) from pretty good sales.

Maybe I'll buy a couple of more games I find something interesting during the Summer sales.
Bought Magika, pretty fun little game, costed 2.5 lol... sales are awesome.
You're so drunk you can't even spell Magicka properly.
I mean, well, well...uhm...


**** YOU!
I'm finding the trading cars very useful. Every time i get one, i immediately put it on the market for lowest price and it gets sold in matter of seconds. In this sale alone, i made over 1€ so far. When is it supposed to end?
I accidentally some games.
  1. Bioshock Infinite 24.99€
  2. Antichamber 6.45€
  3. Civilization V Gold Upgrade 2.50€
  4. XCOM Enemy Unknown 9.99€
  5. Surgeon Simulator 3.39€
  6. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon 6.74€
  7. Sleeping Dogs 6.24€
  8. Tomb Raider (2013) 12.49€
  9. Tomb Raider Underworld 2.24€
  10. Fallout 3 GOTY 4.99€
  11. FEZ 4.99€
  12. System Shock 2 2.49€
  13. The Swapper 6.99€
  14. Mirrors Edge 2.99€
  15. Dishonored Knife of Dunwall 3.39€
  16. Max Payne 1 & 2 3.74€
  17. Rage 4.49€
  18. SimCity 4 2.99€
  19. Torchlight II 4.74€
Grand total 116,83€... oh well, didn't need to eat this month anyway.

My personal recommendation for the final/encore sale day: Bioshock Infinite. The story is SO GOOD! Gameplay is pretty much like any other modern FPS tunnel run, but the incredible lore and story totally won me over. It's so well written, even at only -50% off I'm totally content and happy with the purchase. Get it discounted while you still can!

Biggest disappointment: Tomb Raider (2013), where do I start with this game. There's just constant QTE's and cinematic cutscenes continuously interrupting your gameplay, inconsistent charecter behaviour (Lara turns from a scared little girl to a mass murderer back and forth within seconds all the time) and it's just an unpleasant game overall. Older TR games are much better.
Will you ever play like... 5 of them?
Surgeon Simulator is a good laugh. A bit tricky at first, but playing it for a while.. i'm pretty solid at it now.
Quote from Töki (HUN) :Will you ever play like... 5 of them?

Sounds about right, that's how sales always go.
So i didn't make it. Spent my virtual money on McPixel, incredible 80 cents.

E: Small game, but funny, in a very strange way. Can recommend.

Steam Sales
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