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Quote from Shotglass :judging by the utter utter drivel you post on this forum regularly your idea of the real world (not the shite tv show) is far more ficticious than middle-earth

Well I believe in reality. What ever differences between how I interpret reality and how you do does not dispute the fact that it is MY reality, and that I don't differ from that.

So I don't enjoy to sit down and tickle my balls to the echos of a fake language within a typical story of good vs evil whilst fitting the role of a basement dwelling anorak wearer that's just who I am.

I try my best not to hate on other people but to be honest, it's a better reality than spending hours painting warhammer figures and trading magic the gathering cards to then say when someone questions the schematics of it "well it's only pretend though isn't it".
thanks for proving my point by completely missing it
Quote from Shotglass :thanks for proving my point by completely missing it

The key to flying is throwing yourself at the ground and missing.
Not Steam sale, but also Steam related.

Maybe you've noticed this: and this I did, so i bought them both.
As i already have some of these games (or i'm not interested in playing them), i decided to make a little giveaway.

Rule: Simply PM me, which game from the list below you'd want and if you want Steam or Origin code (in case of the EA bundle). First come, first served. Only one game per user.

Crysis 2 - claimed by Bose321
Dead Space 1 - claimed by Gills4life
Botanicula - claimed by colonio
Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box - grabbed by Woz
Amnesia - Jet_ CZE
Showdown Effect - DejaVu
Medal of Honor - The Moose
McPixel - Duuku
Mirrors Edge - Gregs7
Yeah, someone can have my Mirror's Edge and Dead Space 1 codes if they want.

EDIT: Mirror's Edge key has gone.
when i turn on the internet first thing I see is giveaway of these games, i mean literally everywhere! must be a huge success for EA / humble.... Then again it's proof that world is not that bad and we still love each other. :grouphug:
All games from my list now taken, hope you're all having fun with them!
Ok, got keys to give away as well.

Medal Of Honor TAKEN
Mirror's Edge TAKEN
Crysis2 TAKEN
Burnout Paradise TAKEN
Dead Space Steam/Origin

PM me with code wanted and platform.
To the Moon on sale for 2€ for next 2 days, can recommend, nice little game.
Just Cause 2 for £1.99 at the moment.

Cracking game, imagine GTA but instead of an upwardly-mobile crime-lord you're a terrorist (sorry, 'freedom fighter') on a South American island, one of the largest game maps ever.

The main 'thing' (all good games have a 'thing') that makes it stand out is that you have a grappling hook which you can fire at stuff and then either pull it towards yourself or reel yourself in. You can also use it to attach two objects together.
For example you can use your parachute (which respawns indefinitely) to parascend behind a car, or pull a bad-guy off a building, or attach the jeep you're being chased by to a truck travelling in the opposite direction, or jump out of a helicopter seconds before it explodes, fire the grapple at the other helicopter which just shot you down, reel yourself in, shoot the pilot, climb in and carry on your mission from in there.

I've been in a huge firefight, ran out of ammo, needed to take out a guy dug-in with a minigun and eventually got out of it by using the grapple to attach him to a passing aircraft. "ICANSEE myhousefromheeeereeee....."
anyone needs The Millennium Skins Pack for Batman™: Arkham Origins ?
was in the latest humble bundle included and i (or more a mate of me) doesnt need it.
let me know here or drop me as msg and its yours
Steam Autumn Sale

November 27 - December 3
nothing special on tho...still the mobile games and pc flipper sale.
Skyrim is £3.74 at the moment.
Nothing special? Well, 70% of the games on my wish list are 50% off.
I'm still waiting to see if any of them go on daily deal before purchasing, though...
u must have a wierd wishlist
dont see any interesting game with that much off
Sleeping Dogs is well worth picking up at that price.
Agreed sleeping dogs is a good game.
Driving in Sleeping Dogs ruined the whole game for me, Saints Row feels like a sim in comparison.
Quote from The Moose :Sleeping Dogs is well worth picking up at that price.

thats actually a game that i bought yesterday...but i got slow net so i couldnt play it yet
Quote from Matrixi :Driving in Sleeping Dogs ruined the whole game for me, Saints Row feels like a sim in comparison.

I felt it was fine..when using a joypad. Ok, the driving is not realistic but i simply don't care in games likes this.

Overall, it's not the greatest game ever, but for less then £4 you get your moneys worth.

Besides... it has a radio station with Opeth and Dream Theatre on it. That makes it worth the money in my book
Origin Sale, too.

The world went crazy right at the end of this month when I have no money in my pocket.

Steam Sales
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