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The Revolution Pack June 24th, 2010
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Is it ready to chrismas Lynce ?
amazing stuff!
Quote from DANIEL-CRO :can't wait
looks awesome

Thank you!!

Quote from bishtop :your welcome my friend and i look forward to the release..ive played around with textures myself in the past and i understand the amount of work you put into this. As many others will agree with me we are extremley grateful

Extremely hard, isn't it? Hehehehe. To develop, I mean.

Quote from FireMike15 :Stunning quality, as I said. This is amazing, thanks for your work.

Thank you.

Quote from ImudilaSkyline :It seems that the amount of effort you put into this project is endless, so I thank you for doing this for the community. Excellent quality as always.

Thank you very much.

Quote from Bose321 :Loving the grass! Perhaps a little too bright for my taste but amazing otherwise.

On the blog can you see the reply. Thank you for your suggestion.

Quote from Velociround :Lynce, every time I see a new post from you I get more impressed.

You really amaze me, my friend. You're an inspiration, someone passionate for what you do and with such desire to make a great work that produces very high quality fruits.

Thank you very much for keeping this kind of projects alive and I hope you are having a real good time making it.

Don't mind the bugs, they're basically not your fault: the way some textures have been created make it impossible to fix or make some different effects. I'm sure if you could make it even better without bugs you would, but sometimes there are some things that are just out of our scope.

Thank you very much my friend. Glad to see you here again.

Quote from Silverracer :Great stuff! Thanks for doing all this.


Quote from wildstyle :Looks great!


Quote from pako_customize :Is it ready to chrismas Lynce ?

Perhaps before.

Quote from Omar1 :amazing stuff!

A lfsforum community gift:

Bigger shots on the blog soon.

rocks behind RB4 :lovies3d:

36.53% complete ??? release beta version
The colour of the grass is spot on now! Loving those rock textures behind the RB4.

All the information and bigger on RP's Blog.

3D effect on the rocks increased.
Holy ****!
Wow, I'm lacking words :eye-poppi
Thats, Thats, Thats awesome, cant wait!
You're always impressing us Lynce, this is just wonderful work there.
Excellent skills Lynce. Im definitely up for you as LFS Texture Developer
Bloody hell awesome stuff lynce.
Awesome, cant wait for this!
The last thing what keeps a spark in LFS is Lynce with his totalawesomeness projects!
may I suggest one detail, there is a lot of grass on Fern Bay, dunno have you reworked grass textures ( jungle grass ), but I would like to see high res jungle grass (maybe add some flowers...:nod , default are so pixelated...
marked in attachemnt this "jungle grass" im reffering to
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Is that part editable?
Quote from ImudilaSkyline :Is that part editable?

I edited it on Blackwood, dont know now exactly files

think and

not sure which file for Fern Bay
That looks so awesome.. keep up the good work!
Quote from DANIEL-CRO :I edited it on Blackwood, dont know now exactly files

think and

not sure which file for Fern Bay

I LOVE the suggestions. Thank you very much, Daniel. Noted and added to the list.

For me is not possible to quote all posts because I didn't expect the reaction of the people with all the comments that they made in one day. I only can say thank for your interest and for the nice comments, of course. I add that the criticism and flames are welcome also.

Another shot with another angle and illumination. In sunset looks a bit bright but I think is correct. Of course in this case is not possible to solve some little bugs. Some cuts on the texture.

awesome! Release it now I must have it!

I really must say - your work is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

I come back to check this thread every day I'm at work and, needless to say, I've yet to be disappointed. Keep up the great work!
Nice. Is there already known in which month this masterpiece will be released?

The Revolution Pack June 24th, 2010
(500 posts, started )