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Limited edition, last pair of my size

Aside from Christmas presents for other people...

(Panasonic LX5)

(ASUS Transformer Prime—no dock yet)
eBay spec exhaust for my 200sx

Brap brap

due to current looking like this:

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Quote from doyal :eBay spec exhaust for my 200sx

cool, got one also (real bargain):
im already doing christmas shopping,so i bought this for my mom coz shes always complaining about her 2.1 system.well i would too ! this should do the justce lol

Logitech Z623.Cost 160 in bestbuy,i got it for 120 from logitech online !
3 of these:

one of these:

$75 each for the monitor (cyber Monday)!

Got home from the towh far away. There's no buses at that point of time, so that was the only option, whis was bloody expensive too.
my first car

This is my first ever car, first ever bmw

1) Model Year, 1999
2) Model Number (528iT....), 528i
3) Design generation (E21, E34....), e39
4) Color (official, if known), black (not sure official)
5) Major options, fully loaded, 5 speed, dsp, business class
6) Modifications, none yet..soon cdv delete
7) Use: beater, track car, show car...., daily driver, soon a little of all 3
8) Awards or Accomplishments, its pimp
9) Ownership history, when did you buy it, etc.... purchased about 4 days ago, pictures finally..

my brothers day-after-purchase is the gto next to it; its a 6 speed ls2 with 400+ hp.

im so happy

sorry for bad pictures

also; the gto next to it is my brothers 6 speed, ls2 with 400+ hp
i can just see a car park and a few lights don't you people ever take photos in the daytime? a black car in a black night good goind.
Me and my brother took a spin after work/school. It's all I could get...the title is not ours yet for the gto, and mine needs a stabilizer link before it is mine; they are both at the dealership; much better pictures to come.
Called the government and asked them if i could pay my taxes one month late this year... they said yes. This meant i could finally add the long missing last piece to my setup... :banana_ra

A few more cables and then i'll be ready!

Need to buy aftermarket cooler for it too but I let it annoy me first for couple of weeks just to see if blows up. The standard coolers on it make annoying noise. Not awfully loud per se but there is that tapping sound that is kind of annoying.
Quote from Hyperactive :
Need to buy aftermarket cooler for it too but I let it annoy me first for couple of weeks just to see if blows up. The standard coolers on it make annoying noise. Not awfully loud per se but there is that tapping sound that is kind of annoying.

How high temperature it hits under heavy stress (e.g. Furmark)?
Don't think furmark is really good example of maximum load. From what I've read furmark isn't really good for stability tests or extreme running because it is too extreme. Haven't run even 3dmark or anything yet, just playing some skyrim...

Damn that sound is annoying. Sounds like the noise hard disk makes when the read head (sp?) moves.

Made even a video about it:

Was going to change the cooler anyways but would have liked to run it at least week or two to make sure it doesn't die on me. Wonder if it is worth it trying to return it...
If temps are fine, just buy 12V -> 9V step-down (or 5V -> 9V step-up, for that matter) DC-DC converter from ebay and power GPU's fans thru it. That's what I was doing with all my GPUs, and noise always gets reduced drastically even though difference in voltage is only 1/4.
I have couple of those zalman fan controllers laying around but the problem is just that annoying sound one of the fans makes. The fans don't rev up too high so the voltages are not a problem. Defenetely want them to be a bit lower but it's not too bad for what it is now.

I'll just probably change the fans on from my old card but leave the standard heatsink there and see what kind of temps that gets me. With good luck changing the standard 100mm fans to 120mm fans will make it work just fine. That makes it blow its hot air inside the case but that was no a problem with the old card either...
woudlnt it be easier to rma it if one of the fans quite obviously has a broken bearing?
Nah. I'll just keep posting and whining about it on this forum for few weeks. If it hasn't fixed itself by then I go get that aftermarket cooler I was going to .

(I'm just trying to figure out which is the smaller hassle in the end. The cooler is essentially totally worthless to me and I don't have any graphics card to put into my comp for the time it takes them to get me a new one. They don't have another one to give me right away because I bought the last one so it's a week long way either way)

Nah, the fans are easy to change methinks.
if you can be arse to do it you can also change the bearings yourself
if you go with plain bearings youll also have the benefit of having a fan that quieter than it would have ever been if it didnt have a manufacturing error

Highline cluster for my car. This isn't fitted yet, getting it fitted on Saturday.

Got it last week because of the "Black Friday/Cyber Monday" deals. Everyone complains about it running too hot but mine hasn't even gone over 65C yet when playing BF3 on high in 2560x1600. People are complaining about it hitting 90C after 15 minutes of play. Also complaints about the noise, yet it is much quieter than my old 8800GT that I was running.

Whatever, I'm happy with it, and its the "SuperClocked" version so no need to overclock it for now.

Edit: Oh and the Motorola Razr

Got it for a third of the price after all the rebates etc. Great features, yet battery life on these phones still need to be improved.
Just wondering, do you have a large case or a midTower case? After switching to a large case I haven't had to worry about any form of overheating at all. The case also has 3 large fans on it so that could also be helping.

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