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i have a mid case but i have 5x120 mm fans. 1 on front to pull air,2 on the side also to pull air,1 at back and 1 at top of case to push hot air out.i never had a problem with cooling before my 560 ti sc. but that program really helped a lot,it keeps bf3 at 70 on ultra. before it went over 80 (thats why i had tha glitch i opsted in bf3 thread)
I'll keep that in mind if I get overheating problems. I noticed some used programs to change various things that caused the heating to go down. If I have any problems at least I know what it is now. Thanks.

And get a full tower case next time, much more worth it then 5 fans.
Same card as you both. I have mine at 900mhz core and it doesn't go over 65C either. Playing BF3 on ultra on 1080p without AA or AF.
Acer Aspire One 522
A little VW scircco on LFS

This little piece of shit. At first i wanted to buy more expensive airbrush, but i thought, that it's too expensive just for trying out and too cheap to use everyday, so i bought the cheapest one i could find just to try out what airbrushing feels like, if i'll like it, i'll buy a proper one.
christmas present for sister
Is she actually good at shooters?
Some new glasses..

Quote from PMD9409 :Is she actually good at shooters?

didnt buy for shooters,i dunno what she will play,but i heard names like mortal combat and soul calibur 4.oh ye i actually ordered the last 1. i dont think i`ll ever play on it tho.hate consoles.
looks expensive
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One of these:
Bit of a spending spree, couldn't resist.
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not for me


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