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[OLD] Tyre Physics Progress Report
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Quote from Macfox :
The reality is if we ever see a patch, what happens after that? Are we going to wait another 4 years for the next one with some actual content?

This is the worse part.
As one of the many people who play lfs I can say that i dont play LFS regularly.
I play lock on regularly, I played Red Orchestra for 3 years almost every day regularly, I play COH regularly.
I play LFS once in a month or even less.

Every time i start FLS i am in awe of how great the cars feels (FZ5 and LX6 are my personal fav).
But after some time i get bored because even if the game feels great I dont really find pleasure in racing online and for me its only good in time attack mode since AI is horrible.
So I am checking on the LFS site current wr for some combo and try to beat it.
But in longer therm there is not enough tracks and the one existing are getting so repetitive after a while that i cant look at it anymore after a hour and I just close LFS.

And its really lame that even tho the physics is great the game lack content so dramatically and the worse of it, one person just cant provide a lot of stuff its impossible for scaven to do more than just improve physics (Which is a good thing) but instead of allowing at least fan made tracks he chooses (Selfishly IMO)to keep the game to himself instead of allowing players get even more fun from it.
In the end All I am waiting for are mods because as I mentioned above the devs wont be able to provide much content.

PS. Whos waiting for new cockpits, I understand that physics need more work b4 releasing but what holding new cockpits?
At first I thought that new cockpits will be released with physics patch to make it look more significant but since physic patch being delayed for 2 years i think they would release those cockpits earlier if they had it.
And definitely making a new cockpit doesn't require years and years of work.
You can make a pretty decent looking cockpit in a few months well in case you actually working on it.
So from the look of it scaven work on physics and the rest of the devs?
Quote from Chupacabras84 :I understand that physics need more work b4 releasing but what holding new cockpits?

Ask Eric.*

* - Eric don't answer to anyone
Well,don't worry guys
Scawen add posts too late,in the evening.Look his previous posts:

>Successful server move - added Wed, Feb 17th, 2010 13:00
>Server downtime scheduled - added Sat, Feb 13th, 2010 17:00
>Patch Z28 - added Wed, Nov 25th, 2009 18:55
>Two new LFS t-shirts - added Thu, Nov 5th, 2009 0:15
>Patch Z25 - added Wed, Oct 28th, 2009 21:00
and so on...
Quote from Amynue :Ask Eric.*

* - Eric don't answer to anyone

Want to check my infraction list, he answers there

It's still some hours left of xmas tho

Other than that I agree on many aspects of the post from Chupacabras84.

oh... no it isn't :P
No patch out yet?

This thread is full of

Please go and die a gruesome, painfull death. Thanks.
(ATHome) DELETED by Victor : Kinda useless post, but now also a redundant reply to a deleted account.
(ATHome) DELETED by Victor : Kinda useless post, but now also a redundant reply to a deleted account.
Quote from Guthix :No patch out yet?


be quiet - let the devs sleep at the bahamas. Z28 is LFS Final Version. Be Happy. Maybe in 2015 will be S3 released - when money out in bahamas.
Maybe anytime will another racing game have also good physics like lfs.

I want the watch around back. Removing watch around was just a big fault.

anyway, i learn never drive, no matter which physics. Sometimes i think there are alot of secret cheaters in lfs, or alot of godlike people....

maybe this thread should be closed, its a pain to watch whats new in here.
I feel like I have had my money's worth out of LFS, never before have I played a simulator or game for so many hours. As disapointing as it is that the VWS and Rockingham have not come to us, I don't think we should complain too loudly, afterall, were still getting great value for money. I paid for lfs with a number of tracks and cars, that was the understanding when I paid for it and I have had everything I expected. To be frank about it, its obvious that during the later stages of wrighting lfs, there is going to be a lot of refining and tweaking to the orignal content. I also respect that if the VWS is going to be released with new tyre physics, the other cars are going to have to match to some extent. What I don't understand is why people complain about extra features that were not included at the time of purchase, you get given more and your still not happy about it, your infact rude. I am going to close by saying...

Happy Christmas to LFS, the developers and the community. Hope you have a great couple of days off, we look foward to seeing you in the new year.
Happy holidays, without new patch. =(
I want my money back!!!
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[OLD] Tyre Physics Progress Report
(4436 posts, closed, started )