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Quote from andybarsblade :Wow bad rider, not you is it?

No, I think I`m way worse than that (never rode a bike, not interested enough I guess).
oh no..more Hollywood editing skills.
Quote from fujiwara :oh no..more Hollywood editing skills.

Exactly. I'm disappointed as well.

They took something that was really good and turned it into 100% commercial stuff for morons who got hots for overreving engine sound and useless powerslides... and to make it horrible they added some of Block's cockiness
what was very good?
Gymkhana 1
Don't see much difference there, still a lot of unnecessary powerslides and overreving engines, but done in a dusty airfield.
Still quite entertaining in a cartoon kind of way.
Yea,that was big crash,but the guy (lithuanian) Kazim Vasiliauskas recovered and won second race.

Racing videos
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