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Engine Sound Sharing
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I made a vtec sound for the xfg. The game doesnt really let you make it "uneven" enough in my opinion but its as close as i could get it.

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VAG Group
Hey peole i em found a lots of Skyline sounds... a lot.
plzz but plzz can some1 or 2 make Skyline 2f 2f sound plzz...

sory my englesh is bad
Quote from Hayaku Warrier :i have about 70 sounds of my own...
I made another 'proper' v8 for the uf1

ok im gonna release a what do you want ?

what program do i need to open this and other mods?
an .eng file is a sound config file for lfs. you put them into /lfs/data/engine/ and press shift+A while inside the car.

you'd need an S2 license for the UF1 though.
go on track with the car you want to change sound. Then press Shift+A and voilà!

'L' meas load and 'S' means save (this is useful for modific BOV sounds).

As simple as that, isn't nice?
made this jus stuffin round, makes ya think its got a turbo
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N/A Opel i400 sounds like its dooing like 9,000 rpm when you hear it in the distance
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Can you guys post the defaults for XRT and fo8 please, for som reason they got deleted.
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My sound files...
right click on the file you use to run lfs, (on ya desktop) > open file location> abarakadabra buddabing buddaboong
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Shift + A

Quote from keltern :Well, I can't say i was too excited about that sound of yours...

It's nowhere near what I want, but at least it sounds good!

were is the setup then
Anyone wanna do a req for me?

Anyway, here's the sound that i would love to have on the xrg or xrt even though the car don't have a turbo irl.

Here's a link to the sound:
heres a good sound for xrt, sounds like R33
Not made by me, it came with some car mod, but i little edited it.
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how much cost s1 lacenc sorry for bad eng
Quote from lillsnortan :how much cost s1 lacenc sorry for bad eng

About 14€, you can buy it here.

This isn't really the right thread, though.
My Engines
Hi all,
I'm new, just playing sometimes but today I had fun recreating my own engine sounds for every car, this is the link to download:

Colorspace Engine Sounds

I hope you enjoy those!

P.S. sorry for the off topic, but there's a cool sound for the crashes?
It's like the car doesn't make any sound when crashes with other cars or walls.. Isn't really cool like this.. Please let me know!!

Why when I download a .wav Bov, LFS is saying ".wav is too long" ?
I think this rx7 sound is as real as it can be a xrt sound
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Engine Sound Sharing
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