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Engine Sound Sharing
i make this thread that we can share our modified engine sounds

how to edit the sound: type "/edit_eng" (not needed for patch X or later!) in the chat box, then press shift + a and u can edit (and load other sounds) the engine sound.
files will be stored in X:\Live For Speed\data\engine

i will try to have this post up to date all the time, that u dont need to search through all sites to find the sound what u are looking for.

Download Links are given with the followening Informations:
Additional Filename (if same name as Creator this is skipped)
Download Link

Have Fun!

Here u can download an Pack that includes all currently posted Engine sounds! Updated 11.08.07

kaynd ... id=23469&d=1169839772

Btoryo "tuner" ... id=23536&d=1169920108

ATHome ... id=24545&d=1171641226

kaynd ... id=23470&d=1169839772

anarchypredator "Stalker" ... id=24275&d=1171210294

kaynd ... id=23471&d=1169839772

Danzig "Random" ... id=23730&d=1170235096

JTbo "jt" ... id=23005&d=1169242488

Smurfen "grunt" ... id=23408&d=1169755021

R3DMAN "NICE1" ... id=23410&d=1169757639

Kicker92 "RX7" ... id=23437&d=1169808897

silenec "XRT" ... id=23459&d=1169825606

kaynd ... id=23472&d=1169839772

LineR32 ... id=23511&d=1169864396

LFSn00b "lol" ... id=23524&d=1169901111

LFSn00b "lolV2" ... id=23782&d=1170337996

ethan520 "test01" ... id=23621&d=1170031876

Danzig "RCCar" ... id=23728&d=1170235096

Danzig "BoxerEngine" ... id=23729&d=1170235096

Danzig "BOV" ... id=23731&d=1170235096

3ttan "weber" ... id=23760&d=1170276176

Diego_R "diegor30" ... id=24041&d=1170870270

mcintyrej "Onevia" ... id=24724&d=1171837858

m****yrej "HachiRoku" ... id=24725&d=1171837858

Taavi ... id=23448&d=1169816768

kaynd ... id=23473&d=1169839869

kaynd ... id=23474&d=1169839869

kallelix ... id=23679&d=1170176589

[RCG]Boosted "boese" ... id=23406&d=1169754108

kaynd ... id=23476&d=1169839869

kallelix ... id=23680&d=1170176589

ATHome "001_var1" ... id=24125&d=1171046912

S0ul ... id=23414&d=1169760808

kaynd ... id=23477&d=1169839970

S0ul "S0ul_final" ... id=23911&d=1170587530

kaynd ... id=23478&d=1169839970

anbiddulph "cool" ... id=23598&d=1170010689

S0ul "S0ul_final" ... id=23910&d=1170587472

Taavi ... id=23446&d=1169816768

kaynd ... id=23479&d=1169839970

ATHome ... id=24508&d=1171558681

kaynd ... id=23484&d=1169840147

S0ul ... id=23415&d=1169760808

kaynd ... id=23483&d=1169840147

S0ul ... id=23413&d=1169760808

kaynd ... id=23480&d=1169839970

Taavi ... id=23443&d=1169816192

Taavi ... id=23442&d=1169816192

Phill "F1V8Phill" ... id=23488&d=1169842073

kaynd ... id=23481&d=1169840147

Taavi ... id=23441&d=1169816192

kaynd ... id=23482&d=1169840147

Phill "PhillF1" ... id=24093&d=1170954524

teeembo "teeemboV2" ... id=24193&d=1171120464

Taavi ... id=23447&d=1169816768

keltern "raw" ... id=23585&d=1170003016

kaynd ... id=23487&d=1169840228

Taavi ... id=23445&d=1169816768

kaynd ... id=23485&d=1169840228

Taavi ... id=23444&d=1169816192

kaynd ... id=23486&d=1169840228

DaveWS ... id=23710&d=1170198388

LFSn00b "TheBest" ... id=24551&d=1171648388
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LX6_boese.eng - 272.1 KB - 9814 views
teh best xrt sound out there
Attached files
XRT_grunt.eng - 378.4 KB - 35316 views
here is my XRT engine sound.
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XRG_NICE1.eng - 270.9 KB - 26364 views
#4 - S0ul
FZR sound with modified sample....try and let me know what you think
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FZR_LSD.eng - 274 KB - 4340 views
i'd like someone to make a sound mod that makes FXO to sound like a Boxer engine and RB4 to sound like an 4 cil.... because FXO sound like a 4 cil. and RB4 sounds like a Boxer engine.

BTW : Haven't tried the mods above yet... gonna try it now...
I like it
Quote from ellis_dee :FZR sound with modified sample....try and let me know what you think

I have linked people to this sound. Cause it's nice and meaty.
#10 - S0ul
Quote from Taavi(EST) :Did some engine sounds

I really like your XRR sounds!Im using them right now, its finally fun to drive the XRR^^
#11 - S0ul
Using it right now.Sounds really nice and strong like the FZR should be
way more "roaaar" than the orig one.

do u need some program for this?
#14 - MR_B
not at all! look at the first post and it'll tell you all you need
aah, thanks, i didnt notice that at all...
my XRT :hyper:
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XRT.eng - 378.4 KB - 18496 views
I race FZR most of the time and i hate the Patch V sounds. I think your sound is about as good as you will get it with the current system.

So its a considerable improvement.

LFS 0/10
Yours 1/10

Back to CSR
Taavi - that XRR rules. It actually sounds like the car isn't castrated now.

I'm now trying the rest of your sounds
(kaynd) DELETED by kaynd : not up to date
(kaynd) DELETED by kaynd : not up to date
let's hope to hear a SR20 getting out of your remixer soon Dale
Here's my XRT sound. I think I might start driving that FO8 more with Phill's eng sound.
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XRT_LineR32.eng - 378.4 KB - 22537 views
LFS devs are not happy chaps...
S20DET is in the thread i posted

Engine Sound Sharing
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