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Engine Sound Sharing
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Can anyone please make a Dodge Viper SRT sound, for the XRR?
np, i thought i would also put my FO8 Champcar sound on here as it was uploaded to a thread that isnt on the 1st page
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FO8_GillsChampcarV4.eng - 318.3 KB - 507 views
Turbo Sound
no problem
Gills, THANK YOU !!! That engine sound is GREAT !!! Can u make BOV ?
Great MR2 sound thanx !
Great sound as always Gills Can you edit my sound a bit to sound like a drift car please
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XRT_sr20detvanks.eng - 447.5 KB - 797 views
Will do when I get home from school, at the moment I am sneaking onto this forum when I should be doing geography coursework
Don't tell anyone :shhh:
Anyone on here wanna try and make a sierra cosworth sound for the XRT?

Thanks in advance.
here's my xrt, as realistic as i can get it, works with me but i was wondering if some1 could make a better turbo spool and a bov that actually sounds like a bi-turbo, preferably a supra!!!. try it out and please help if anyone can record and edit sounds. i'll post some good vids for sound samples soon.

nvm found a good bov but needs to be faster... and i realized that if you use the original turbo sound from lfs in csr, it spools nicely and towards the higher rpm's it adds a wastegate sound if you keep it a a lower frequency. try it!
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XRT_ka24det.eng - 386.3 KB - 903 views
Thank you for the sound Gills
Oh my god, Gills is on fire :bananadea !!!
nice work man, isee maybe somewhere in the future your packs inside the default installation xD

While we are here, Gills could you please a supra mk3 sound for the XRG Turbo?
Thanks in advance ... mnIBY&feature=related
this last sound, in the middle of it, you can hear the car sound on high revs. if possible, make the sound more like this one, but using the one as a base on low revs? (yeah im very specific and perfectionist on this one)
Ok, try this. The cockpit muffling is high to stop it from having too much clipping. I think it sounds ok from external views and replays
tell me what you think
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XRT_GillsSupraMk3.eng - 438 KB - 1514 views
Its actually pretty good!
i liked that it doesnt clip at all and the turbo flutter is pretty realistic.
i just did a replay and it sounded very nice.
i dont know how to thankyou.

Oh yes i know:
Thanks mate!
gills do you think you could make a really nice turbo sample that doesn't sound wierd when it down-spools or whatever you want to call it?
I can give it a go i will do it in a few days if that is ok. i am busy over the weekend. :munching_

Engine Sound Sharing
(981 posts, started )