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Live for Speed S2 Version S (NOW U)
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Live for Speed S2 Version S (NOW U)
Hello racers!

We are pleased to announce the release of S2 ALPHA Version S

As you know, it includes :

- the BMW Sauber racing car
- tyre and aero physics improvements
- many other updates.

There's not much more to say... download it... have fun!

Download :

List of changes :

Included the BMW Sauber racing car
Improved the slipstream simulation
Improvements in tyre and car physics
Graphics option : Use compressed skins
Included Spanish training translations
Replay speed (F2) minimum is now 0.125
Traction control added to FZ50 road car
Updated translator names on credits page
Longer start delay if more players in race
Gear shift levers no longer hold the clutch
Pit speed limiter now visible on remote cars
Better dashboard on Formula XR and Formula V8
French and Russian keys guides (in docs folder)
InSim NLP and MCI packets now support 2000 laps
Small changes to the mass and power of some cars
15:4 screen ratio now detected as a 3-screen mode

FIX : Wing angle bug causing physics exploit
FIX : Command line /hours=x is now implemented
FIX : Bug in haze effect, now usable in tv cameras
FIX : Bug in demo /ban function with coloured names
FIX : After driver change - timing info not visible
FIX : Qualifying could end up to 6 seconds too early
FIX : Pasting long line of text would make LFS crash
FIX : LFSW lap times bounded to 1 hour to avoid wrap
FIX : Could sometimes teleport after a driver change
FIX : Changing tyre type, warmed to wrong temperature
FIX : Could get stuck in pits when changing fuel load
FIX : Mudguards and brakes vanish when changing plate

EDIT : Some fixes in version T :

- FIX : LFS crash (often during a multi car pile up)
- FIX : LFS crash when starting up with Greek or Norwegian
- FIX : Aston Grand Touring / North showing up as AS6 / AS7
- FIX : Commands /track=as6 and /track=as7 did not work

EDIT 2 : More fixes and improvements in version U :

Race penalty statistics now sent to LFS World
Changed format of /track host startup command
Removed /config and /reversed startup commands
Some small frame rate optimisations in car draw
Hosts can now display a 200 character welcome message
Added a new command /tracks to specify allowed tracks
OutGauge system for external dashboards (see InSim.txt)
FOX / FO8 / BF1 all have their own dashboard colour slider
Translations and docs folder updated with new translations
Throttle blip on downshift now allowed again with manual clutch
Suspension stronger before it bends but then bends more quickly

FIX : LFS could crash sometimes when leaving a multiplayer game
FIX : Croatian and Serbian should always be correctly selected
FIX : Could view other racers ARB and Brake Balance online
FIX : LFS crash when starting up with Greek or Norwegian
FIX : Aston Grand Touring / North showed up as AS6 / AS7
FIX : Aston lessons had gone wrong with changed objects
FIX : Downloading Skin message was partially off screen
FIX : Could set wind in hotlapping using /wind command
FIX : Commands /track=as6 and /track=as7 did not work
FIX : Number entry in tyre setup menu did not work
FIX : XF GTI acceleration, PRO level was too easy
FIX : Colour alternation on list of games screen
FIX : LFS could crash when drawing a damaged car
FIX : Connecting player with different weather
FIX : Text command /leave had stopped working

NOTE : Versions T and U are fully compatible with Version S
#2 - Mogar
TC on FZ50 ???????

IMO, it's far from necessary.... unless the new tyre physics made the cars much harder to control
Many Thanks for this patch, I am sure it will bring plenty more fun LFS hours

yea!!!! there it is!
thanks scavier!
#5 - Antsa
:sheep: :heartbeat
cheers scavier
great effort...much appreciated
Thanks Dev's
#8 - FRED
Thanks Devs
thanks devs! keep doing what your doing and ill keep buying more lisenses lol
Thank you devs!!!!!!
:elefant::elefant::elefant::elefant::elefant: :elefant:
Finally, after a long, arduous wait it's here.

Thank You !!
The Day Hath Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice one guys.. thanks for the hard work...

i'll see if i can get furie and neostar to join me on a public later
Thank you very much Dev, your work won't go unnoticed
thanks in advance for all the work guys

downloading now
#17 - aoun

45% Downloaded.. Telsta is sooo slow for me!! lol 92.5 KB/S!!

Thanks alot devs..was bout to kill myself when i thought would take another hour to release! .
Whoohooow! :heyjoeani

What can i say.. Dev's, a fantastic job, well done!
I'm very curious in how exactly you guys reeled that BMW Sauber thingy in..
Im happy that I still alive. Love all~~~~~~~~~~~``
I'm so happy its here Nice work Scawen, Eric and Victor . Just one problem. I'm in wales and I cant even SSH to my box to start downloading the patch :'(

p.s. NICE WORK :up: Keep on rockin' guys
Thanks a lot Scavier...

What a game! And still improving! I have the feeling we will never need another racing sim (!) again...

I thank you
Quote from Mogar :TC on FZ50 ???????

IMO, it's far from necessary.... unless the new tyre physics made the cars much harder to control

Find me a ferarri or porsche of the caliber the FZ has, that doesnt have TC as an option...yeaahhh good luck with that.

Thanks devs, great work
#25 - XsX!
thanks devs

Live for Speed S2 Version S (NOW U)
(367 posts, started )