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Live for Speed S2 Version S (NOW U)
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Thank You !
Thank you so much devs, it s a great patch ,worth every minute of wait
EGAD, this workday is DRAGGING ON

Maybe I should leave the forums and actually do work to make the day go faster
Thank you devs. I love everything there is in this patch. Job well done, keep it up!
I have to take my hat off!!

Thanks a lot for this beatufull patch!

In 2002, after tested the S1, I was pretty sure this sim was my racing simulator.

Please continue in this direction
I'd like to say thank you, but after 8 months I rather prefer say "finally".

Finally something new.

Lets wait for more substance to say thanks, cause at this moment that was just an well done obligation.

Scawen, no matter what, I admire your work and I am your fan, and I wish the success you deserve. Now back to work!

BTW: the cars behave more realistic now. Good work in the tyres.
Why can't I see the details(usage, track set...) of some servers listed at LFSW? I think it is since the patch is out, but not sure. Anyone?
awesome work there ! lfs just keeps getting better and better

btw 2 small gripes about the server browser ... as north and gt dont show up correctls (says as6 and as7) and ther should be some sepeartion bewteen the car column and the server options column (the last car column has the same bg colour as the options)
I had very high hopes about this patch and it's even better than I expected.
A huge thanks to the devs.
oh and well done with finally updating the licensing system (thought something went wrong when i first extracted the patch) and apparently you gave us free unlocks for this so alls well

the real test though will be to see how long this works ... sure hope you didnt put hours of programming into something that will only work out for a day or two
I just tried the new patch and the physics feel better to me, sadley the FF is the same so I carn't play the game for more than a few mins.

The new car looks and feels great, this sim is really coming together.

Well done keep improving things, I just wish I could use it but thats my problem.
From what game are you coming from? rFactor/GTL (just a guess)? I find funny this complaining about the "lack of good FF". What kind of FF settings you use (Profiler & game) and what wheel do you have?
Quote from F2kSel : sadley the FF is the same so I carn't play the game for more than a few mins.

I have not touched LFS for a little while now but saw the new patch and gave it a try, the FF is great. Fells like it has improved to me.

PS thanks for the patch Scawen and co.
I'm Speechless....

Well worth the wait.
Haven't got much mileage in yet with the new physics but they seem much better. Finally I can take a GTR with fat, warm, soft, wide slicks and whip the wheel round at 30mph and not have it understeer madly. And the BF1 is mad. In a good way.

But there is one minor thing I don't like:
Quote from Scawen :Gear shift levers no longer hold the clutch

Keep it simple, thx.
I used to drive with wheel and driver view disabled, sad to see I have to turn it on when driving an f08 or bf1.
bleh, no FF update or some real graphics..
Quote from steve :bleh, no FF update or some real graphics..

erm about this patch T, are we supposed to update S to T?
Quote from steve :bleh, no FF update or some real graphics..

As far as I am concerned, the FF is complete - since it works through the physics. And that it does well!

And there is graphics, therefore they are real. They are not imaginary graphics, I can see them with my own eyes.
Quote from steve :bleh, no FF update or some real graphics..


I like the font changes they actually make a BIG difference. Man the BF1 is great just had 3 hours of great racing

At least attempt to be nice
Scawen: Why has the 'sequentail hold clutch' been taken away from ALL the cars?

I used the technique of holding the stick back for a longer change or to give me more time to revmatch.
Thank you very much... great job guys loving the new bmw1! will give it a real road test on Sunday, great stuff.

Live for Speed S2 Version S (NOW U)
(367 posts, started )