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Live for Speed S2 Version S (NOW U)
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The FB1 round Westhill is just mind blowing. Easy to drive but when pile ups happen they cause total chaos because of the speeds involved.

Taking T2 @ Westhill at 160 mph and it's still no where near the limit.

Thanks devs this is just awesome
Quote from Vrachos :Same here
Ive tried to apply the path over a clean S2A setup but i get the same
Im downloading now a clean S2S setup but Im not optimistic

Hello there,

switch to English for the initial bit and it will work.

Also see
So, from what I've heard so far, as soon as I get home, the kids are getting some drowsy inducing cold medicine and heading to bed!! LOL.

Here's hoping the patch works well for me, because I can't download the full version on the dialup and I'd have to wait until Monday morning at work before the IT department gets in for a file that big .
Quote from VALE 46 : I have to unlock the game again for some reason cos its calling me a demo racer.

Ya, i got the same problem, for some reason, the new patch has locked up LFS. Oh, well, i should have a few unlocks left
Finally, after a half a year...... THANK YOU VER YMUCH SCAVIER!!!!! My weekend will be.. err, a little ovefilled by speed!!! THX AGAIN!!!
Naturally thank you from your work devs.

Then to bad things. New improvements are causing cars to act even more slow motion when near to sping or spinning, same basic problem still there, feels like there would been just added more grip, very sorry to say but I think it is now gone to wrong direction as in reallife near sliding things happen really fast and not like in lfs now.

Improvements sure helps in online racing, but they don't add realism, imo. Maybe adding realism was not intention, but have more fun online races?

But if you put that aside, things look really good and racing is fun
Really enjoyed
This patch is REvoltion, good job and Thanks a lot Devs
Thank you so much Eric, Victor and Scawen for this patch. I have only driven about 30+ laps yet, but I think I can tell right away that my favourite cars (the GTR's) are much more even now. And the increase in grip makes close racing so much fun. Awesome job all of you
I just love it! Cars feel and handle great and that BMW is just...just really really really fast, love the sound of TC working

Thank you! Big hand to LFS-team :clapclap:
Wow. You Devs are truly amazing people. It's so great how well you keep your promises when I've seen so many times that the game developers promise too much. Thank you.
Quote from Fonnybone :Ya, i got the same problem, for some reason, the new patch has locked up LFS. Oh, well, i should have a few unlocks left

Same for me, but I was able to unlock it. It also removed my options and credits, but I guess that's to do with LFSWorld and I can't win credits anymore.
nothing about the clutch pack???!!
I love the patch, great feeling
awesome work guys (as usual)
Tyre grip feels very realistic now! FO8 is a magnificent car to drive now! Almost impossible to spin, heh.
Congrats on the good work!
FZ50 + TC = super!!!
FZ50is very good>.<
Great work from the big three Devs.
the patch is great, the BF1 owns...
the only thing i dont like too much is the bf1´s sound but i might be illepall
thanks a lot ScaViEr :woohoo:
Over 1200 racers online :o
Thx Scawen, fantastic work. :huepfenic

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: 5 of 4 stars
That's fantastic ! Thanks a million and LONG LIVE LFS !
Thanks for another free(!) patch !!!
Thank You !!
It's downloading!

Thanx guys
1300 racers online!

Live for Speed S2 Version S (NOW U)
(367 posts, started )