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Buy an LFS License for Yourself

Our LFS S3 demo is completely free without time restrictions, but it contains only one racing environment and three cars.

If you want access to more cars and tracks in LFS, you have to buy a license, which will allow you to unlock LFS on your computer. Partially with an S1 or S2 license, or fully with an S3 license.

Before you can buy a license you need to have created an account here on the website. This is required, because the license you buy will be assigned to this account, so that our systems know you are allowed to unlock S1, S2 or S3 (depending on the type of license you have bought).

The license you buy has no time-limit on it, which means it's a one-off fee and in return you get access to more content, free updates and you can make use of our basic online services at no extra charge.

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Max. connections / racers 15 / 12 79 / 40 79 / 40 79 / 40
Automatic car skin downloads
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Custom autocross layouts
Custom car skin uploads can buy slots
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LFS Licenses are for life

With your purchase of a lifetime license, you will gain access to additional cars and tracks and aid a small independent development team in continuing the development of its racing simulator. We are continuously working to improve Live for Speed and adding new features, which you will receive at no extra cost *.

* extra payment is only required for (future) license ugrades, to gain access to more cars and tracks