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Where LFS is going?
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Quote :Where is LFS going?

To die.
Everything is going to die ... sooner or later. Wink
Actually death is part of life, so maybe LFS is going to die, but soon it will reborn.
Oh "benjamin" <3 I feel your pain, but....aren't you repeating the same cry we have read here hundreds of times during last 7-8 years? Is it worth? The amount of bitterness you are carrying, doesn't sound healthy. Please, stop waiting, go, get a life. Do something else. Now you sound like a victim who lost his money, house and family.

I understand, once upon a time three guys made you happy for many years, with a ridiculous low cost. You were successful and respected racer in LFS community. Your life was running high, because those guys created a context where you can shine. But this all doesn't mean they are responsible of your happiness until end of your life. Time to grow up. Good luck!
Quote from Racon :Yes, you are absolutely correct: Scawen has spent the last 10 years doing nothing but playing with grass colour. [..] or something?

no, this year, other years it was about fences and some other non tire physics related stuff. furthermore this topic is not about The_Great but about the question where LFS is going. if you want to know where The_Great is going feel free to open a topic in section off topic.
Quote from Jatimc :Dear readers.
Lets be honest with you guys what do you think where things go?? update silly enviroment and shadows instead of proper new cars and tracks?? maybe new tire physicks?? no?

Meanwhile the simracing game that took almost all of LFS fanbase and customers updates his game with something never seen before (done in such detailed way), LFS updates their fonts?

I thought this was the racing simulator.
Let's just look outside of the box here. We're all here because we enjoy this game one way or another and despite the delay we all have to face the fact that Scavier are still working on the game and that this new update should be the biggest we've ever seen. This alone is worth the wait in my book.

If you can't post anything else than complains, maybe you should find something else to do with your life.

EDIT: LFS is a game, it shouldn't be the center of anyone's life beside the developers. Obsession is a form of mental illness.
@Big Daddy Looks like u had a big break. I mean only 37k km in 12 years?
Think the devs had much smaller break. Maybe 5 years?

+checking forums etc dayly job Wink
Think If I was Scawen I would make LFS 2 (New Graphics new physics) And maybe sell per track and car as DLC's. FTW Did I Say That?LFS
Quote from Big Daddy :I am also thinking on deleting my account, in case I couldn´t resist

Yes, you should - the wait will be over and you can start making your dream car. Big grin

Quote from Big Daddy :And basically there wouldn´t have been thousands of laws in democratic countries, if everybody could do whatever everybody wants.
"We can do whatever we like and we don´t care if you are waiting 2 decades for our game to be released."

I don't think there is a law which obligate you to work like 24/7, lol, are you serious? We live in a market economy, I mean the developers can work lets say 1 hour per 10 years, as long as there are people who are willing to buy their product, this is the only law.
They are working for themselves (not hired by some big company), so who are you to tell them otherwise?

Ops, too many edits. Big grin
Quote from Big Daddy :But for me it´s time to leave I guess, nothing more interesting to come and not worth for me to wait. The physics would be the last nice thing to try, but that´s fine for me.

Think if not contibute there is no reason to stay.
Then you should leave.
No, no, lets all stay! Heart

The new tire physics are going to be the best physics engine of all time, a game changer, groundbreaking to the racing simulation games.

And on that bombshell, lets close this thread. Big grin
Quote from RC-Maus :Think If I was Scawen I would make LFS 2 (New Graphics new physics) And maybe sell per track and car as DLC's. FTW Did I Say That?LFS

This. It would also resolve the notion of "LFS is old game" BS, and bring in new money for development. Smile And basically it's available almost for free, changing the logos, preparing new web, packaging, etc... like couple of weeks of work, and LFS2 is done. And ultimately, it may be launched as "early access", so it doesn't even have to be fully finished and working. Maybe even kickstart it first to scam some more money. Smile

@Big Daddy: I'm not sure what you mean by "how can you wait all those years".

Do you think I'm like sitting behind PC, refreshing LFS page all the time, and waiting until the new tires physics is released? Big grin ... I simply live my life as is, doing all kind of other stupidities, and when(/if) the LFS will get update, I may try it eventually (actually last decade I pretty much don't have HW to play LFS, so I'm just checking the development, maybe I will buy some PC and wheel later when I will be retired, so from my point of view even another decade of wait is not a major problem, doesn't affect my current life much).

Or what do you actually expect? Should we all moan, how the LFS development is not progressing fast enough? How does *that* help-with/change anything?

Also it's not like devs are mysteriously silent, Scawen several times clearly stated, that they are happy with their current development process (even if it is slow, compared to other game developers), and that they don't plan to change it in any foreseeable future. I'm pretty sure it's been stated like every 3-4 years here on the forum, so you should have read it even if you read every second/third post of Scawen. So all those things you mention (VWS, ROC, tire physics) and everything else, is being released "when it's ready" and that's how also everything else in LFS up till now was released. They are not happy with the resulting speed of development too much, as they expected to advance much faster, but they still want to continue like this, so they don't find their current modus operandi as a problem. If you find it as a problem, it's then your problem, unfortunately.
what an useless threadBig grin
Quote from ImudilaSkyline :what an useless threadBig grin

lmao yes, though so entertaining.

Somehow funny that the guys who are most waiting things to happen, writing like "I don't understand how people can wait..." and "LFS fanboys" while seems obviously that they are the real fanboys w a i t i n g and taking all this LFS stuff too serious.

Being positive is just a general attitude towards life. Doesnt mean I believe anything to happen in LFS context. I am just happy Devs are with us and keep master server up. Oh... master server... that wonderful service they offer us for free year after year, decade after decade. For F R E E.

Actually I would love to see reactions of someones if no more LFS releases would come. But of course, its free will to be a negative person and choose complaining as life purpose. That's why internet forums were created for.
people are willing to write complete nonsense to wanting to stay in this bubble forever aren't they? forums are created to discuss reality, some forums are created to discuss fiction. most topics on this forum are fiction but not all, this one is reality but its hard to face reality. so lets,
Quote from Evolution_R :No, no, lets all stay! Heart

The new tire physics are going to be the best physics engine of all time, a game changer, groundbreaking to the racing simulation games.

And on that bombshell, lets close this thread. Big grin

censorize everything we dont like because its communism for the win
Quote from Scawen :Anyway, as some of you know, due to a separation in the code when the new tyre physics was to be released many years ago, there are two separate versions of LFS, the development version with the new tyre physics and the public version with the old tyre physics. The trouble is that updates (to graphics, interface, etc.) in each version need to be merged into the other version.

Quote from Scawen :...LFS is undergoing a major graphical overhaul at the moment.

Quote from Scawen :
...there are just so many changes for the new graphics, it would be a bit of a nightmare to try and merge that into the public version. The only way to avoid that tedious merge now is to get the physics complete to a point where it is good enough to release. So the development version can be finally released to you and LFS will be back to a single version again.

Quote from Scawen :Then... ...we can release the needed updates and then hopefully get onto supporting some elements of user created content.

Them tire physics, though! What's with that?

Quote from Eric :I’ve been testing with the new tyre physics for a few years now and I refuse to drive the old one, which has just doesn’t have that visceral tyre feel and response compared to the new tyre physics.

Quote from Scawen : Personally I have found when testing for example an LX car around South City Chicane route, more excitement with the version I have, even got kind of hot and sweaty a few times just driving one car in practice mode as I started to drive several laps for no real reason. Getting hot and sweaty isn't necessarily a good thing in itself... But I took it as a good sign.

Assuming they don't run out of money and/or go all Captain Ahab with the perfectionism, LFS will continue to fill a role that no other sim can.

For the haters and newbs, here is some more text:
Quote from Scawen :For me, having a good life and plenty of free time to do the things I like is far more important than being rich... Life has to be about doing the things you like to do

LFS is a passion project. Its course is determined by the whims of the dudes making it.
They are doing it because they like doing it.
They don't owe you anything.
Quote from The_Great :people are willing to write complete nonsense wanting to stay in this bubble forever aren't they? forums are created to discuss reality, some forums are created to discuss fiction. most topics on this forum are fiction but not all, this one is reality but its hard to face reality.

Care to quote this "nonsense" you're referring to? Discussion is a great thing to have, but once it gets down to calling different opinions "nonsense" without actually explaining why you think this way is just poor argumentation, it leads to nowhere. You're entitled to your opinion, but not everyone sees things same way as you would.

The development pace might be slow, but in my opinion it's better. Rushing things never works out okay, you end up doing more work than you actually planned plus the end result will be horrid. Especially in a simulation, if you'd push out a patch full of glitches you didn't remember to fix in a hurry because a few people demand updates, the people would still be unhappy because it'd be a glitchfest.

I'd much rather play with refined tyre physics than rushed tyre physics, no matter how much longer it will take.
Quote from The_Great : so lets, censorize everything we dont like because its communism for the win

No need to exaggerate. This isn't communism, but neither it is democracy. You are free to stay here as long as you play by the rules.
Love is in the air... Heart

Thanks @Mountaindewzilla for picking those quotes. Hadn't read that Eric's quote on physics, sounds exciting.

Software development is not an easy task. It's not that you just take your pencil and start to draw a drawing. Adding intelligence into software often requires exponential amount of effort. In my point of view, the current target is already inhuman for two developers. On top of that, the need to merge several source code branches, sounds like a small nightmare. I simply can't believe they release both graphics and physics next year.

edit: Would be interesting to know how many lines of source code each release contains.
Software development is hell.
Quote from nikopdr :Care to quote this "nonsense" you're referring to?

it was in the message above, too complicated to follow? first master server got cheered up upon.. its there for free, woohoo.. ye, its been copied already two times for free also. lets celebrate this as well. thanks ukraine brothers thanks brasil fantastic job all for F R E E. then some description about internet forums is being given, old greek philosophers would cry.

anyway this licensed fanboys are masters of derailing a topic if they dont like the subject being discussed. i see this happening too at any trump tweet, it are so called social justice warriors. they are here too with their lfs religion. do not dare to say anything bad about lfs religion, do not try to burst the bubble with realism, do not write facts or otherwise we need to start censorize it.

whole lfs fanbase seems to be on repeat, raving about some detail which is being created year after year forgetting about the whole picture. its like massively cheering about a candle which is being lid in the siberian cold while nine out of ten already are dead or seeked heat somewhere else.

so many quotes about tire physics on this page. its a very simple question to answer. are new tire physics being released or not?

tire physics released yes means LFS is going somewhere
tire physics released soon means LFS is going nowhere E V E R
tire physics released never means LFS is going somewhere

its that easy. no nightmare, no drama, just a simple question to answer.
Quote from Big Daddy :Edit: One important point. The concept of approximation is a bad idea.
When one factor is calculated wrong, the results of the approximations are for the trash.

Are you sure you know what you are talking about or its just your assumption? So basically you are telling the developers of one of the best tyre physics model that they are wrong improving it? Uhmm
Quote from Scawen :There will always be more to be done, as it's not possible to make a perfect tyre model, so I expect there will be more improvements to come later, but without needing a complete rewrite.

Just hire @Big Daddy - problem solved. Big grin
You should be ashamed.
im doing a class in scientific computation and i can say approximations are not always bad. it depends on the error level. im sure if the worst error is just 10^-6 then it might not be so bad.

Evolution_R just stop spamming this thread with offtopic you fanboy, if you love lfs that much why you use vob mods?

something to tell to the fanboys here, i dont hate the game i just dont like where its going.

one fanboy above said the devs dont owe me shit well they do owe me my s3 content.
Quote from benjamin.torres :they do owe me my s3 content.

Really? Show me a contract signed by devs where they claim to deliver you anything!
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Where LFS is going?
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