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TEST PATCH 0.6G14 - New Westhill Circuit
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dont forget, theres not only racers, in this simulator!
if there was only racers, then easily take off half of a registered useres, s2 license holders!
i bought this license just for drifting!
from my point of view, in this update, lfs devs, wanted to make us all happy, cruisers, drifters,rally boys, and racers!

Scawen, will there be any other track edits like this one ? example, fernbay, south city ? * in future *
Quote from :Nah.. Nonsense. LFS tracks still feel like an ironing device on a pool table, especially when you are used to for example AC where you can feel the track communicating with the tires (essentially with the wheel force feedback). But, I guess that 'we' can't have everything all at once. Especially with a dev who permantently wants to be a complete team on it's own, very nice achievement for such a small team thats for sure.

Face -> palm

Again, AC implements the bare minimum for the track to be simulated "accurately", but it still doesn't feel like a real place. There's so many invisible walls at any point where taking any sort of "interesting" detour gets kiboshed immediately. iRacing I think sends you back to pits and instantly charges your CC $5 if you try to do anything that's "interesting" or "adventurous".

This is more. This is fun and whimsical and makes Westhill feel like it could be a real place. Which is a huge thing to say considering nearly all Kunos' tracks ARE real places, yet they feel more fictional than Westhill.
Oh yeah, it certainly feels very open in that perspective, bit like GTA style. You said the 'track feels' that short circuited my brain directly to how the track feels, the surface... And thats not that great. Concerning the environment and the ability to drive everywhere is fantastic. Track is not the best word to describe Westhill I guess?
Without changing complicated stuff, a few bumps (a la south city) here and there to make braking more challenging wouldn't hurt in my opinion, just enough to remove the smooth carpet feeling. Also had the feeling that the asphalt texture look a bit cartoony and too regular, but that's a matter of test. For the rest I like it!Thumbs up
Quote from :Oh yeah, it certainly feels very open in that perspective, bit like GTA style. You said the 'track feels' that short circuited my brain directly to how the track feels, the surface... And thats not that great. Concerning the environment and the ability to drive everywhere is fantastic. Track is not the best word to describe Westhill I guess?

LFS has always had environments, not tracks. Westhill is no different.
Quote from yaper :Scawen,
While playing with SHIFT + U one thing annoyed me more than others. I was unable to quickly change FOV. Could you make mouse roller working as FOV modifier (zooming) instead of moving back and forth?

You can use these keys to adjust the FOV:

4 - zoom in (fast)
5 - zoom in (slow)
6 - zoom out (slow)
7 - zoom out (fast)
Quote from ACCAkut :First time firing up LFS since August .. wtf? That's unbelievable, I never got lost on a LFS track before.

But I sort of don't get why Westhill was done to that extent. I mean it is nice, all those streets and stuff, but for what? Is this meant as a sort of benchmark or tech demo, showing of what the LFS is still (or just now, I dunno) capable of? Does a racing sim need a track inviroment of that extent.

I honestly am speechless about what we got here, but at the same time my racer mind can't make sense of it.

It's all for the cruisers. Usually the cruise servers are filled up more than the race servers so it makes sense.
Quote from pik_d :Any chance of increasing the max connections? Up to 40 cars in an endurance race doesn't leave many spots for driver swaps after admins/streaming spots.

No, this is not easy at this time. Several packets reached their upper limit when we went to 48, so it would require too many changes.

Quote from Sobis :I think you might've missed my question. Is it possible/easy to raise the object Z limit (height)? The limit for cars (when you get "retired" message) is way up above.

No, this is because the height is stored in a single byte and this doesn't give enough range.

Quote from ventspils_619 :They are to maximum, Scawen. On DEFAULT skin color all sliders are to maximum too.It happens when I choose a new skin.I tried to delete the skin from the list and reload it, but it stays black. This problem is for most of my loaded skins. Frown

Had anyone else had this problem loading new skins? I don't get this bug.

Quote from troy :Add concrete slabs directly above the starting grid (Z Axis a few metres above ground), first start everything works as expected, after you restart the race you get spawned on the concrete slabs instead of the tarmac.

Good one! I've fixed that now in my version. Smile

Quote from Jogy22 :But will there be provided an log/txt-file or something else, which documents how many laps every car[ID] has done within the actual session/replay, so that the admin can readjust the amount of laps "on the fly"/without external tools?

No, if you want this information logged you must get it from an InSim program.

Quote from Eclipsed :Scawen - any chances to have all concrete objects colorable or at least pillars? Would also like to see more colors (like green,black),but I guess I'm wishing too much... Big grin

No, this is also to do with the 12 bytes per autocross object size limitations.

Quote from 1996Tomppa :I have problem with custom pitstop position they dont seem to work if you put custom splitpositions...

The custom pit stops don't work at all yet but I am looking into that this morning.
I found bug.

What should be done to open the S2 version?
What should be done to open the S2 version?
Is it possible to keep the old Westhill; maybe just as "Old Westhill"?
The new Westhill is really amazing, but in the old Westhill the graphics are smoother on my Radeon HD4600. Yesterday the graphics was stuck every second, but after reinstalling the driver it was so good like oin the old version. With my old graphics card is no 100% smooth graphic possible i guess. Sometimes a object wont be smooth also when vsync by 50 Hz 50.00 fps.... Smile
Europe have 50 Hz refresh rate and the USA 60 Hz. Most People dont see any difference and for the most people are 25 Hz(fps) enough.... Or 24 fps like in a Cinema. With 50 Hz and fps should all moving objects on screen be 100% smooth, because the system can make 130 fps. It have enough Power for it, and in the old WE International was there only a problem with smooth graphics on some special points like on the road before the last turn. Sorry for my bad english.
He's S2 licensed when you look at his profile page, I've reported it to the devs.
I confirm he is S2 licensed, looks like a forum bug shows Demo licensed below his name.
nickname text loses quality with these trees

0.6G16 (minor update - G14 must already be installed)
Here are some more program fixes and improvements.
Please have a go and let me know if it works well.
There are also more updated translations. Thank you translators! Smile

Changes from 0.6G15 to 0.6G16 :

Misc :

Custom pit stop box can now be used to repair car and refuel
Custom pit stop box disables pit lane and default pit stops
Maximum multiplayer car draw distance up from 300 to 500
Interface buttons now drawn in front of the object buttons
Off path side messages only shown with Network Debug enabled

InSim :

ISP_NCI packet added to give host more info about new guest

Fixes :

Reset points on raised concrete did not work first time in
Default start points wrongly put car on concrete above them

Changes from 0.6G14 to 0.6G15 :

Layouts :

Car shadows now appear on the concrete objects
Raised start positions now work with concrete objects
Up/down buttons beside checkpoint width / circle diameter

Fixes :

Coloured concrete often did not go back to grey in editor
InSim IS_REO packet was ignored if more than 32 players


A FULL version of LFS 0.6G14 must already be installed

To install the PATCH using the SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVE :

1) Move or save the patch into your main LFS folder
2) Double click the patch to extract it to that folder
3) When you see "Confirm File Replace" select "Yes to All"
4) Now you can start LFS in the normal way

NOTE : You can see if the patch is correctly installed when you run
the program (LFS.exe). At the bottom of the entry screen : 0.6G16


PATCH 0.6G14 TO 0.6G16 (SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVE) (if you already have 0.6G14) : (1.1 MB)

PATCH 0.6G14 TO 0.6G16 (ALTERNATIVE ZIP) (if you already have 0.6G14) : (1.3 MB)
Great Scawen, well done.

I don't if someone understood me before. I wish to say that the trees collider have tremendous height, you can collide with them even if you are far away from the tree (in Z axis)
Works great! No problems to report from me for now
What's the thinking behind disabling the pit lane pit boxes if you place a custom one? Since you can't actually remove the pit boxes in the pit lane wouldn't it make more sense to keep them active?

Nice to see the custom boxes working now though Thumbs up
Because the big problem is when you build a track that is far from any available pit lane. Then say you do a false start, you are given a stop-go or drive-through penalty that can never be cleared. You are guaranteed to be disqualified then. So we needed a way to disable pit lane. It seemed to me that if you ever added a custom pit stop, that suggests you can't use the normal pit stops, so this was a convenient way to disable the pit lane and solve all the problems in one morning.

I'm interested in (possibly) adding "checkpoints" or something to mark the start and end of a custom pit lane with speed limit in future but there's no way can I do it in such a short time.
Very nice.I like the West city streets.We are have possibility for underground race or city driving.Respect
Is it possible to add multiple of custom those pit boxes? That might be handy.
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TEST PATCH 0.6G14 - New Westhill Circuit
(314 posts, closed, started )