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TEST PATCH 0.6G14 - New Westhill Circuit
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I'm lost.. Where to download G17 client version?
In-Game updater
Just found that out.. Thanks Smile
Quote from GT4_PL :Pillar fix Colour: Blue,Red,White,yellow?

Already asked that...
Quote from Scawen :
Quote from Eclipsed :Scawen - any chances to have all concrete objects colorable or at least pillars? Would also like to see more colors (like green,black),but I guess I'm wishing too much... Big grin

No, this is also to do with the 12 bytes per autocross object size limitations.

Quote from nacim :Thanks Scawen ! Keep it up ! Smile

EDIT : Can you edit the first post as well as the title, just like previous test patches ("0.xx test patch (now 0.xx)" ) ? Smile

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Seeing that the autocross system had just got new features (not just bug fixes), could we also get the slab object equivalent that has gravel texture and behaves like gravel when driven on?

Some like LFS-Trackmania, some LFS-Minecraft. Why not LFS-RBR? Big grin
Don't forget to update G17 dedi in LFS hosting please :P
Quote from luki97 :
Quote from Scawen :An occasional frame rate loss has been reported by several people. For some reason apparently the CPU is randomly switching to power saving mode. I don't know of any way to avoid that, but I believe you can avoid it with your settings.

Well for me it only happens in 3 places (on the westhill international) and it's probably not cpu power saving mode, i have always everything on 100%. (even with turned off cpu termal throttling in bios).
Basically if people have good or average pc 100fps+ and on that 3 places of the track which i've posted before in my previous post they have drops to around 60-70fps and they don't think its bad because they still have 60-70fps which is still very comfortable to play.

But if someone have older pc (or poor gpu like mine) then it drops from my average 30-40fps which i have (and that's fps its quite okay for most track) to even 15-20fps at those places which is not so good then. For me (and my poor integrated gpu) those places of the track are:
1. entry of the last corner at westhill international (drops from 40-60fps to 20-25)
In the middle of the corner somehow its going back to 40-60fps.
2. exit of the last corner at westhill international (when exiting from last turn and looking at main straight) again drops to 20-25fps.
Well in the main straight from pit entry to the first corner again somehow its back to 30-40fps which is ok for me.
3. First turn at the westhill international here it sometimes drops to even 15fps or less if more cars is in the race (but when driving alone it drops to like 15-20fps)

I think that might be a thing that in those places there is much things or objects to render maybe, and it needs to render them now and sometimes (mainly at first turn) game freezes a little (0.1s-0.5s). As sayed before, without that 3 places where fps hugely drops rest of the track is great and there is no fps drops and the rest of the track at my poor integrated gpu is around 30-40fps and sometimes even goes to around 80fps Wink.

Oh and almost forget, with lower resolution track textures (it quite helps) game not freezes (at least not when driving alone) but that fps drops still not gone away and it didn't fixed my problem with fps drops.

happen the same with me. i put all settings low performance and fps drop in specific places. so i make a test, i convert all dds files to 128x128 for better performance(unlucky). fps drop always for me and all players but people with good computer dont cry about..

My texture memory usage with low performance:

Before convert - 81.6mb
After convert - 23.0mb

problem is not textures, is the new system i guess.

devs not close our eyes to this
I've found there are some trees in which, when you are close enough, you hear some engine reverb
Big texture glitch showed up for couple seconds when I was doing laps on custom layout.

Framerate pretty nice 40-70fps no bigger drops on old machine:
NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i
Core 2 Duo E7400 2,8Ghz

AA - off
Half textures size
That happens sometimes if you're on a route that has clipping for the route you're actually on. I've found it happen a few times when jumping off a bridge onto the main track.

The gravel/dirt slab sounds fun too.
Quote from CarlLefrancois :Thank you Eric, Scawen, Victor. Your work, our pleasure!

ps all this talk of loops makes me think we could use a function to group objects, move them as a group and do save and load.

Yup, that would be useful. But if the layout files are comprehensible, maybe "we" could hack up an external layout editor with that kind of capability. I admit I haven't checked the wiki so maybe something already exists. It's also possible that Scawen wouldn't want such a thing to exist?
yay, in G17 there are people on tribunes to watch me in action Smile
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TEST PATCH 0.6G14 - New Westhill Circuit
(314 posts, closed, started )