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Quote from :Like Troy already mentioned LFS for some reason now can get the GPU into power saving mode (especially on laptops I think?). If you want good performance you now need to go to Nvidea's configuration panel, add/select LFS.exe and force the GPU to run into running at optimum performance. If you are having a Nvidea chipset of course, no idea how it's working on Intel/ATI platforms.

Not having that issue myself and I'm rocking a 660 Ti.

Scawen, is there any chance that you can make the draw distance infinite? I'd like to be able to go too Shift+U mode and see every car on track. I've attached the screen shot below that blew my mind ... (I took the screen shot at UHD res, and it's insane.)
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Off topic, but I made a superlong track, much, much longer than KY3X track, for testing purposes.

Uses about 85-90% of WHOLE track area. have fun with Le Mans kind of track Smile ( though sometimes a tight, in interjections )

EDIT: Replaced fixed version for added few signs and blocked few routes as getting mixed too easily on fast speed, as no idea straight or turn, but with few laps the track will start to make on memory and enjoyment will start
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I found a case where alpha-sort fails to sort correctly.

All the SS' are the same bug and same locaation
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Quote from Dygear :Not having that issue myself and I'm rocking a 660 Ti.

Yeah, well.. Not any issues.. You might think Wink

Depends if its in Adaptive mode or Performance mode to begin with. If it's in performance mode then yeah, it's fine (max core frequency all the time). I now have that too and using Nvidea Inspector to underclock to 5/6th on the core frequency and more then halving the frequency on the memory. Then LFS runs smooth without generating a lot of heat. Sadly I cannot underclock more heavy with NvInpec but if I switch to Adaptive mode then the core frequency is stuck all the time on 4/6th of core frequency power and although I still have a quite solid average of 90 FPS it looks/feels "laggy". Also because in that mode the GPU has a load of 80% , not 100% it's kind of not logical to experience that... So no idea whats happening with that power saving mode but more things are throttled back then only core frequency and memory frequency it seems.

Again, maybe only a certain range of (mobile?) gpu's have this, it's of course nice if you don't have any problem but it's not really helping the people which actually has them Wink
Quote from Lucas McFly :Watching a replay of a new Westhill noticed that the positions in the race are shown on the screen at once with a list of items deviate much from the actual position on the track - you can see it such as BF1 taking the lead, and he writes that it is still 5, or just look at the passage Scaven's are jumps 10 places.

Because custom configs don't track the car positions using a path, the race positions are only updated at the split time checkpoints.

Quote from Bmxtwins :Scawen, I discovered a bug. When moving from CONCRETE objects to another object and then placing it, it allows for them to be overlapped (this is good!). However if you switch to another object and then back to a different object that isn't concrete, it tells me some objects overlap and I can't do that.

Any objects can intersect with other objects that are floating. Two non-floating objects are not allowed to intersect. Concrete objects are always floating (blue dots). You can make any other object float by changing its Z value, then it can intersect.

Quote from Lexanom :Russian lang string

Thank you - but please please post in the Russian thread:

Quote from RasKK :really disappointing that grid size for autocross is only pushed to 20 .. thats like some sort of joke =/ why you have to limit it there? if someone has problems with his connection or computer thats no reason to block whole community for it :/

No it wasn't a joke. There are only 21 spawn points and we aren't updating that track at this time. You are very welcome to add your own start positions and pit start positions, up to 40 of them.
could we please get the car restrictions removed from the karting tracks?
i can drive an f1 on a rallycross track but i cant on a karting track... why?
You can. WE1X + custom start grid.
This update is awesome! went burning around all the access roads and i was shocked at how many roads have been opened up. Can't say thanks enough this is what i have been waiting for, we need more of this for other tracks please Big grin
If there's huge potential then you can be sure Scawen will ignore it.

Quote from Shotglass :scawen any chance we might get a "no suspension damage" mode for this sort of thing
there a huge potential there for some trackmania type crazyness combined with good physics

Quote from Flame CZE :Oh look what I've made

This is amazing for such an old engine. I mean, it has trackside detail to rival iRacing!

I want to drive on all of the access roads, but I don't know how (I keep getting reset back onto the track).

It's been so long since I've last played LFS, is there any way to enable a free camera to look around?
First - select one of the X or Y configurations (open configs),second - shift+U will open free camera and also layout editor.
Getting errors + fps drop

And if I just move a bit, a new path is found... fps gets ok again
Quote from josemspain :Getting errors + fps drop
And if I just move a bit, a new path is found... fps gets ok again

I don't see any bugs there - you're so far away from created path,LFS has to draw the whole "world" ahead (like was from the very start when open configs were introduced),when you're back on path,LFS knows what part to draw and makes the life easier for graphics card. Shrug
Looks great and cant wait on tyre update too if something follows. Smile Thanks
Track is better than i thought (not so boring as astons), whole infrastructure of the track is great and most awesome thing for me is that two karting tracks Smile
but im not sure about track optimalisation if its finished at this point or do you plan to fix some of it a little in future, i mean no my Dell latitude e4300 there are some huge fps drops/freezes sometimes (mainly at the first turn of the main westhill track goes below 20fps and sometimes its even freezes for a little). At the rest of the track fps for a laptop like this fps are good, from like 25/28fps minimum and i think around 30-40fps average on the track which is really good Wink.
Quote from Dygear :[..]Scawen, is there any chance that you can make the draw distance infinite? I'd like to be able to go too Shift+U mode and see every car on track. I've attached the screen shot below that blew my mind ... (I took the screen shot at UHD res, and it's insane.)

Yes, please ! That would be very cool actually ! Smile
I'm running Pentium 4 with 2Gb's of ram along with a gpu of 256Mb - when open config is enabled and if I'm driving around whilst 39 more people are around me, my FPS can drop down to 15, but if none is in my sight, my FPS is rather stable (~ 60). Though, I do realize that I should update my rig because there is no chance for me to get stable 100+ FPS after the recent update.
Even when you are floating in the sky (really high roads with concrete) you can collide with a tree which is .. ¿10 meters? under you
Words can not express how beautiful and amazing the new Westhill is. Thankyou. <3
Does anyone else have this problem?

When connecting to a host, and when it gets to "Skin: X" LFS goes un responsive and then says "Did not receive OK"? I have found this on some servers but not all. Happened last night on NDR Death Rally, Talked to deko, no problems his end. And also happened on Cargame S2.

Any Thoughts?

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Quote from Flame CZE :Oh look what I've made

your looping looks awesome. I've made one but it sucks. May we try yours?
thanks ;C
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Great to see the new Westhill finally! Really big thanks to the whole LFS Crew for putting up the work and pushing forward with the game, slowly but surely! Smile
Some glitchs reports too :
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