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It's the same on my computer.
My pc blocks the download because of a "virus" Frown
As with a lot of addon programs that read/write into another program memory. It's a false positive, you can force your antivirus to ignore it. Wink
r19 please
Quote from Kevvedajsel :I have a peculiar problem. I can only seem to move and turn on/off gadgets if I have my mouse pointer a certain distance to the right of the gadget (it becomes like I am hovering over the gadget while I am not). This makes it difficult because the gadgets in the right side of the window are not accessible because of this, minimizing the window doesn't help. The farther to the right side of the screen I get, the greater the distance is to "hover" over a gadget meaning a gadget at the left wheel indicator is accessible within 5mm to the right but a gadget at the right wheel indicator must have the pointer about 2-3cm to the right of access. Someone help, I'd like to move and turn on/off CPU+boost gadgets that are on the right side.

no one that has experienced this and can help me? Seriously?
R20 now! Frown
Quote from Kevvedajsel :no one that has experienced this and can help me? Seriously?

Maybe post screenshots?
A request:

For example, if I am at AS5r track and go back to pick AS5 set, then modify it a bit, even though I name it "AS5r..." it still saves it in AS5 set folder. Is it possible to change that behavior and what ever set I'm fiddling with to be saved in the folder of the track that I'm currently on?
Hi guys just opened lfs and got this
start_LFSLazy : line 2 - Parameter is not valid
autoexec : line 6 - Parameter is not valid
Hi you!
That means parameter at line 2 in C:\LFS\data\script\start_LFSLazy.lfs and parameter at line 6 in C:\LFS\data\script\autoexec.lfs are not valid Smile

Not sure why you use additional script to start Lazy. I only use autoexec.lfs with line
/exec ".\LFSLazy.exe"

and it works fine (if LFSLazy.exe is in same folder as LFS.exe).
I have know I dear what you mean lol
I'm not a computer person
You have know you dear what I mean?
I don't understand that sentence but I'm not an English person Big grin
Basically I don't understand what any of that means.
Just open autoexec.lfs in Notepad or some text editor, and check the 6th line.
There is something wrong with the text in that line. Same for start_LFSLazy.lfs.
It probably contains a command that for some reason doesn't work.
Maybe just copy the text from those files here so we can see what's wrong with it.

Just wondering why does your script folder contain a custom .lfs script while you don't even understand what it does. Did someone else send you his LFS folder? Smile
I was sent lfs mary all setup for me but lfs lazy I just download it and did what a video on yt told me to do
Just go to C:\LFS\data\script folder, open autoexec.lfs in Notepad, copy the text from the 6th line and paste it here.

Hard to help you without seeing what's in there.

Or you could just delete the autoexec file, but I don't recommend doing that because you would have to start Lazy manually every time you start LFS. And that would be silly.

Edit: I bet it says /run start_LFSLazy so also copy text from line 2 from start_LFSLazy.lfs file and paste here.
lfs lazy
duno if this helps
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So it seems your LFSLazy.exe is not actually in C:\Users\user\Downloads folder. So the exec command is giving the parameter error when it's trying to execute that exe file while it's not there.

If your LFSLazy.exe is in the same folder as LFS.exe - replace /exec "C:\Users\user\Downloads\LFSLazy.exe" with /exec ".\LFSLazy.exe"
if it's not in the same folder - you need to specify the whole path so for example if your LFSLazy.exe path is C:\LFSLazy\LFSLazy.exe then replace /exec "C:\Users\user\Downloads\LFSLazy.exe" with /exec "C:\LFSLazy\LFSLazy.exe"

BTW you don't really need that second start_LFSLazy.lfs script file. You can use just the autoexec file to start Lazy. So it would look like this:

// This script is run when LFS reaches the main entry screen
// You can use it for initialisations, running scripts, etc.

/insim 29999

/exec ".\LFSLazy.exe"

well I did move most of my stuff out of the download folder as I had way to much stuff in there ill have a look and see if lazy was one of them
Uh, I think there's a bug with the racing cars' dashboards. If I redline the car, the RPM stay fixed on the redline, and won't go down unless I turn the engine off

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