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Formula 1 Season 2014
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1999= same story as 2008. Ferrari losing by single digits.
Quote from Bmxtwins :1999= same story as 2008. Ferrari losing by single digits.

Except not really
not treating their drivers right cost them the championship in 2008. Pick one and stick with it imo..
Sauber confirmed Gutierrez for next season as their second driver
Quote from Funnybear :Firstly, thankyou for lumping me together with the mindless drones. Oh, no, hang on, they would be the ones who think that NO LAW is ever broken by anyone anywhere in the F1 world championships.

No, they would be the ones who are happy to believe unsubstantiated rumours and hearsay as true.

Quote from Funnybear :But anyway. I base my assertions on the fact I got a mate working for one of the big team who where mildly successful last year and who are based in the Golden Triangle of the Thames valley in the UK.

Ah, so it's one of those "I've-got-a-mate-in-F1-therefore-I-have-credibility-because-he-tells-me-everything-and-you-couldn't-possibly-be-better-informed" deals. Got you.

Quote from Funnybear :Not only where they running a 'soft' traction control (which, like has been expanded on, most other teams where trying with the reduced cylinder use etc etc. I don't limit all my fire for RBR, but they are the worst.)

Which isn't against the rules...

Quote from Funnybear :also adaptive temperature related aero

Care to provide any more details? Are you talking about the thermoplastic floor?

Quote from Funnybear :they where running illegal defusers whenever they felt they could get away with it

Illegal how, exactly? Any proof, other than your F1 'contact'?

Quote from Funnybear :along with some rather natty and smart, but also illegal tyre rim aero

Like this?

Quote from Funnybear :along with other temperature/brake/exhaust clever gizmo's.

Unlike the other teams, of course, who never do anything clever. Any more information about these gizmos or how exactly they're illegal?

Quote from Funnybear :It's an open pitlane secret, most of which can't be proven, but doesn't stop me using them to slag the team off.

That sentence is a good indicator of why you're lumped into the mindless drone.

Quote from Funnybear :But like I said, the biggest thing that had the teams goat up was the use of the RBR technology centre whilst everyone else was having enforced breaks due to union rules. RBR isn't part of the union, the only team that isn't. The use of technology to over come rules and regs is only to be expected. All the teams do it, and some push it more than others. My mates team actually had to make that choice for this last season just gone, just to be a viable and competitive team. Before that, they played by the rules and where proud of that, but the gap has grown to big between those that don't and those that do. And to maintain large corporate sponsorship you have to run with the pack. That was an executive desicion to push certain boundary's. RBR have no such conscience. The team is based on winning at all costs.

Nothing to do with building illegal cars.

Quote from Funnybear :And anyway, Webber didn't get all the trick bits Vettel did.

That may be true.

Quote from Funnybear :There is a reason he doesn't race with them anymore.

He got fed up being a number 2 driver and with the treatment he says he got from the team? Plus he was offered a factory drive in WEC by Porsche?

Quote from Funnybear :And there is a bigger reason why he signed a non-disclosure contract for the foreseable future, although knowing Mark, that might not count for much with him.

Sounds like a standard part of a driver contract.

Quote from Funnybear :So, yea, you might think I'm talking out of my arse


Quote from Funnybear :but it's arse talk that comes from an inside perspective.

Yeah, I'll just take your word on that.

Quote from Funnybear :A perspective that noone will ever talk about too much in the press, because they all like their jobs too much.

You must not read some of the same things that I do then. There's been a lot of coverage in both the 'mainstream' F1 press (e.g. Sky/BBC/Autosport etc) and the more technical F1 press/sites (e.g. F1Technical and SomersF1) analysing teams exploiting potential loopholes in the rules (e.g. flexi front wings, the brake ducts which RBR were asked to modify and RB's 'plastic' front nosecone (spotted during a front wing change at Abu Dhabi last year) to name a few.

Quote from Funnybear :So slag me off if you like, don't really care.

I care when people think it's OK to throw out baseless rumours and try to claim they're fact. If you're going to say that Vettel's car was illegal at least put some effort in and show us why you think it was. Don't just say "Oh, I've got a mate and he says so, but I can't prove anything because it's a secret".

Quote from Funnybear :The seasons results and timing figures speak for themselves. If you consider every team is trying to be as fast they possibly can, and they are all professional manufacturers, strategists and drivers then you get an expected timing spread from the second fastest man back. Vettel and that car are outliers. And they can be discounted as such.

Yeah, I totally agree. Every time one driver or team dominates a season they're definitely cheating. It's the only thing that makes sense!

Quote from Funnybear :I don't believe he's worth four world titles, and I think you could take the slowest driver on the grid and within a few races get him as fast as the lead pack in that car. Vettel might be able to get the most from it, he knowns whats in it for a start, but the car is still the fastest 'car' regardless who is behind the wheel.

I don't necessarily believe he's 'worth' 4 titles either (I can certainly think of a few drivers I consider better off the top of my head that have no titles). However, he's in the right car at the right time and he's making the most of the opportunity. That's all he can really do. However, I think if he decided to move to a lesser team and try to build them up (as Schumacher did when he moved to Ferrari in '96) he might prove some people wrong, but I don't think he'll do that.

Quote from Funnybear :Sorry. Rant over. I shall return to being a member of the mindless drone prolitariat.

...or you could try and make statements which you can actually support?
Quote from amp88 al.....

Excellent riposte!

Seems I'm going to have to revise my estimation of some Glaswegians! And this from someone born in Edinburgh!
Quote from Bmxtwins :not treating their drivers right cost them the championship in 2008. Pick one and stick with it imo..

The drivers cost themselves that year; Massa at Silverstone, Hamilton at Fuji, Kimi at Spa etc. It's just that Hamilton ****ed up fewer times than the rest.
Quote from JackDaMaster :The drivers cost themselves that year; Massa at Silverstone, Hamilton at Fuji, Kimi at Spa etc. It's just that Hamilton ****ed up fewer times than the rest.

Yea but Massa at Silverstone was like watching a fat man on a slip'n'slide.
I do not agree with the double points. But it's not that big of a deal IMO. It will just keep viewership up higher when people realize that the championship can still be close.
fox being fox again. just because there would be a different winner, doesn't mean it would get more exciting
#137 - col
Quote from Gougoodthing :Just a little something. ... ry-e6frf3zl-1226788299176

That's a naive analysis anyway. If the last race had been worth double points back in those past seasons, the teams and drivers may have tackled the final race differently. Some of the championships mentioned would have ended the same even if there had been double points for the last race, because the results of that final race would have been different.
E.g if you know you only need 5th in the final race, you might not take risks trying to battle for a higher finishing place... however, if the race is worth double points, maybe you need at least second, so will battle harder and take more chances.
Quote from tristancliffe :You do know that the symbol "2" refers to the second integer on the positive real number scale don't you? It doesn't refer to a cat. Or the sky. Maths has basic rules that make it easy to understand.

And really what relevance does that have to Aryton Senna?
(Gougoodthing) DELETED by Gougoodthing : Nevermind...
will be interesting to see if Perez can match Hulk in an identical car. Considering how well Perez did in comparison to Hulk in Formula BMW.
Two completely different cars, you cannot compare the two..
Daniel Ricciardo has confirmed that he will be using the number 3.
Quote from Gougoodthing :Daniel Ricciardo has confirmed that he will be using the number 3.

hhhhahahaha suck it maldonado
going to be a lot of unlucky 13's this season lol
Ok My predictions for the First few races will be:

Everyone will realise the Engine penalty rules are retarded as expecting more relibabilty from a new engine is plain stupid.

Mass Dissproval over the Ridiculious KERS Power making up around 2 seconds a lap and 30 second useage, any kind of KERS failure is a instant retirement and you can't be competitive.

Caterham and or Marussia will score a point(s) in the first 3 races.
Ron Dennis is back as CEO at McLaren. Whitmarsh out, Brawn in?
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Formula 1 Season 2014
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