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Formula 1 Season 2014
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Word is that Massa has #19, his old career number and coincidentally probably would've been his number under the old system this year. Bottas takes 77, because BO77AS.
Triple-figure numbers incoming shortly.
I really hope someone who I hate doesn't choose 64.
#58 - CSF
Would be surprised if Alonso didn't go for 14.
Mansell to come back with red #5
Vettell won't be used to using any other number than 1 tho
Bianchi wants either 7, 27 or 77. So 27 it is then (as it stands) but I'm OK with that seeing as he'll be in a Ferrari soon enough anyway.
#65 - CSF
Vergne also wants 27 doesn't he?
25, 21 or 27 (in that order)
Anyone know about Ricciardo?
Quote from Daniel Ricciardo :
It's a beautiful thing F1 drivers will have freedom to choose what number they want to race from next year. For now I'll keep mine quiet

Found from Twitter
Vergne in the 25

Jesus, can't someone fast...
On Double Points
I just heard about the double points finale in 2014 for Formula 1. All I can say is that I'm disappointed. I was recently criticizing NASCAR for multiple things that they have recently been trying to do in order to increase interest, and all that while I was talking up Formula 1 for their lack of doing the same.

Let me be clear about something, Formula 1 is a competition based form of motorsports. NASCAR is a spectator form. This changes my feelings on all of this, sadly. Although I will continue to enjoy the races themselves, now the season will lose something to me, just the same as with my feeling on the Sprint Cup Series and the Chase for the Cup.

Make no mistake, this is almost as though Formula 1 had added a chase for the Driver's Championship and Constructor's Championship. It's not the changes it will cause, they will be minimal, but it's the idea.

Then again, remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

On Driver Numbers
Sounds just fine with me. Tradition is lost, but be that as it may I suppose. I haven't been subject to F1 long enough to have feelings on that front.

On Budget Cap
Here, my answer is why? Because the teams are spending too much money (duh)? If this is so, it sounds like teams are being paid too much for their participation and/or success. Reducing the pay for victories or championships and increacing the pay for poor finishes will continue to encourage participation, but it will help prevent a single team from spending a large amount of money and gaining a large advantage over other teams because of their success.

Let's face it, if teams receive less money they will have to cut profit to or accept more loss to continue obtaining it. At the same time if lower teams receive more money, they would be able to either pocket more money or increase performance. If they pocket more money, eventually they would be replaced by another team that is willing to make less or lose more money.

Rarely are rules the solution to problems. It is more effective to disincentive things which you want to get rid of. Motorsports allows this more often than other sports. If you don't want drivers to use track outside of a certain area, plant grass there; don't paint a line and tell drivers not to use it, because they still will try, and then the officiating body will have to penalize it, but make no mistake, they will try to use it as much as they can.

Formula 1 does paint lines and says not to use the area at almost all race tracks, and they have made a similar mistake with this budget cap. This of course is one man's opinion.
Vettle gets #1, it's automatic. Everyone else get's to pick from 2 - 99.
No, he has preference of #1. He can choose other if he likes.
He has to choose a number between 2-99 for when he isn't champion.
Quote :Drivers will be asked to choose their race number, between 2 and 99, for the duration of their career in the FIA Formula One World Championship. Number 1 will be reserved for the current World Champion, should he choose to use it.

I understand it that Vettel can choose 1-99, the rest only 2-99.
Vettel cannot choose 1 as his permanent number; he has to have a number between 2-99 like everyone else, and like everyone else can choose to use 1 as world champion.
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Formula 1 Season 2014
(1760 posts, closed, started )