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"Walking spectators"

Where's the sarcasm?
the ""
nice try lol
Christ, that skidding sound in the Pagani video. It's like 70's american car chase movies all over again. Same with the BOV sound, still the same one from GT2 is it?

Regarding engine noise, this is still true it seems.
Quote from CoolColJ :
Pagani Huayra at Suzuka - umm good driving

I see off-road physics has not improved.
Meh, i saw Bathurst, then i heard about Interlagos and the Senna pack, then these videos remind me that it still sucks. :|
Omg that lounge music, and the 'pliiing' at Start, can't take that anymore..
da fuq is this engine sound?! It's worse than LFS......
Not the final build of GT6 in these videos, just the old prototype demos doing the round of game shows

The Pagani doesn't have an engine sound, they removed whatever it had there before - just a place holder for now. All you can hear is the turbo and blow off valve
They have a new sound engine system in the works, but it will probably be patched in after release. Unless it's already done - but PD have not released any info and only a month to go...
So pd now has the rights to use senna name in the game. Hopefully pd doesn't do as shitty job with it as they did with nascar/topgear/loeb/vettel in gt5.

But knowing pd they probably put together a pack which consists of senna's driver suit as a prize for some boring seasonal type of event where you do few "races" where you pass 15 cars in one lap in some sennasque vacuum cleaner sounding econobox. Finishing top on all the events grants you a mega prize of senna's kart with his yellow helmet livery omg... They probably call it the Ayrton Senna challenge...

It is just amazing how absolutely poor job pd did with all those licenses in gt5. It is just a tragedy there was no even where you had to beat stig's times for example. Just unforgivable! While I'm not exactly expecting to see senna's formula cars in gt6 (Imho formula cars in gt5 drive like crap) but I'd like to see it done better than the type of lazy afterthought idea.

Man, and I just got GT5 today ($2.59 )
start your engines

Time Transition & Astronomy Effects

Moon buggy racing anyone?

edit -

car list ... ducts/gt6/carlist_en.html

track list

more info

Quote :
Stuff that will be added in future updates:

B Spec

The B spec mode is a mode where you give precision instructions to your driver as a race director. This popular feature from previous versions of GT will be added in a future update. Look forward to the new, more powerful B Spec mode.

Course Maker

This feature, available at a later stage through an update, will allow you to create your own custom tracks that can be driven in the game. Additionally, in another update we will add the possibility to generate a track by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course. This GPS-generated tracks will be available in the game as playable content.

Data Logger

This feature allows you to analyse your saved replay data to show Speed, Engine RPM, Throttle Input, Gear Position, Steering Angle, etc. in a graphical format. This feature will be added in a future update.

GPS Visualizer
In a future update, we will add the GPS Visualiser. This is a feature that allows you to import Controller Area Network (CAN), used to regulate automobile systems, and GPS coordinate data from a real life car into Gran Turismo 6, and visualise the data as a replay in the game. The feature is planned to be compatible with the Toyota Motor Corporation’s CAN-Gateway ECU.

Gymkhana stuff back in

finally wheel size upgrades - and judging by the scroll bar, a lot more wheels

Body Repairs...

damn some cars have detailed underbodies, unlike the flat bottom of GT5

from some GT event that they're holding at Willow Springs today
Very nice. I am pretty excited about this. My favourite part is always the first bit where you have virtually no money and a crap car. Racing on the cheap and building that first car is fun! :-)
More stuff - I'm not sure where it's originally from, just quoting some guy

Quote :In Gran Turismo 6, we have collaborated with leading companies in the racing scenery such as Yokohama Rubber and KW Automotive as technical partners. Insight and data for developing real cars in the partnership has been fed back into the physics model which governs the dynamics and behavior of the cars in the game.

Tyre Model
Through the cooperation with Yokohama Rubber, a variety of tyres ranging from “Racing” to “Street” were analyzed. Detailed information and data not available to us until now have been integrated in the tyre model: the tyre structure, compound, load and changes in cornering force due to the slip angle have been captured, analysed and introduced in our new model. This made possible to create a new “tyre contact” feeling and a level of precision never reached before.

Suspension Model
KW Automotive is a company that has an extremely strong impact in the Nürburgring 24 hour race. Using their 7 post rig, a huge amount of information has been collected for springs and dampers, and we have incorporated this into the suspension model. Gains due to changes in surface input and differences in phases were recreated in detail, having the player experiencing the same feeling the driver has in a real car.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a tool that is fundamental today in vehicle development and motorsports. We have introduced this into the game to greatly increase the precision of aerodynamics characteristics under a variety of conditions. Changes to downforce due to the body shape, parameters of the under floor as well as differences in speed are recreated realistically, allowing you to experience the complex world of aerodynamics. Our new physics simulation has improved by leaps and bounds, and you will notice the difference as soon as you turn the steering wheel.

CFD.... I'm guessing they have generated some more lookuptables using CFD, maybe....

Can't imagine they are using CFD aero in realtime on a PS3?
Why they would still do those expensive body rigidity repairs is beyond me.

Surely about 99% of the community complained about the actual price of the repairs. On race cars the prices were even more ridiculous, some cost up to half a million to repair. Why is PD even doing this. Who in their right mind even enjoys that?

What is it with these guys at pd that think a game should be a chore?

And I hope I can put all the different kind of fancy wheels on all the cars in the game, if I can have that I'm happy
Quote from atledreier :CFD.... I'm guessing they have generated some more lookuptables using CFD, maybe....

Can't imagine they are using CFD aero in realtime on a PS3?

Don't know, but they did show a bit of that animation in the trailer
I saw that, and it looked like something the PR department would LOVE....
Quote from atledreier :CFD.... I'm guessing they have generated some more lookuptables using CFD, maybe....

Can't imagine they are using CFD aero in realtime on a PS3?

LUT, or maybe a 256 particles real time system.
Quote from Chrisuu01 :
And I hope I can put all the different kind of fancy wheels on all the cars in the game, if I can have that I'm happy

Should be able to, there is no distinction between premiums and standards this time around
And you can paint them

Gran Turismo 6
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