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No, I think they should continue with one disk. All the real simracers play on PC. Except GTPlanet community...
GT5 online support ends on 20th May 2014. Online was one of the reasons why i didn't end up buying GT6 in the end. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts then.
Quote from Myffe :Imo it's a big step up from GT5, it has more attitude in it. GT5 was too clean and it felt boring after playing it for few weeks. GT6 has more that original GT feeling in it and I can imagine playing it for a much longer time than GT5. I like the new driving physics, more enjoyable to drive with dualshock. And the graphics are better than GT5, seriously what did you expect from a PS3 game?

Maybe I'm overly fussy but imo gt5 looks better. It's way smoother and more glossy too. Bathurst is a joke, really, no gt5 track looks so awful. I don't expect miracles, and perhaps I played gt5 too much and wanted a real improvement, which was optimistic of me.
Quote from ColeusRattus :It's the same model Luke the '66 1200 in GT5, which IIRC was a dlc pack car...

They touched up a few things and fixed a few glitches. And fixed the wheelbase issue
To anyone who is doubting about buying gt6, please don't.
It is a huge step forward, and you al know me not easy to please overly critical, which is an understatement.

But the way it feels trough the wheel is just so much better.
I can finally feel the weird of the car. And the best thing is that whatever I do to the car that feeling does not go away.

Here are some of my pics:
First race I believe, ... 64964013_7944355784_o.jpg ... 65497676_da368e61a9_o.jpg

Goodwood: ... 64987683_4c9f526745_o.jpg ... 65519426_80bae48038_o.jpg ... 65521926_766b683709_o.jpg ... 64735255_ef81ef9bf9_o.jpg ... 64989943_507f690b97_o.jpg ... 65526786_1c6e62cdbe_o.jpg

Photo mode:
Yes I wanted my own premium Spoon Civic Ek9, instead of the non premium model. ... 64995923_0e10d712ec_o.jpg ... 64994173_3834c1faca_o.jpg
I played a while online last night... I think its rubbish..

The faster the cars go the worse they get, i tuned up a gt86 on racing softs and it was trying to tip over in corners.. The camera shake is shocking, the ffb is crap.. There is a heavy damped feel where everything you do feels like its lagging behind, when you loose the rear end the wheel doesnt feel no different and you just start over correcting..

I wouldnt bother getting it in hindsight.
You just can't win with a wheel in the later events. I had to use a controller for several. That's not a racing sim, that's an arcade game lol.
Quote from Blade3562 :You just can't win with a wheel in the later events. I had to use a controller for several. That's not a racing sim, that's an arcade game lol.

What do you mean by later events? S? What makes it impossible for you to win with a wheel?
without any driving aids, controller is hard as shit
So what is the verdict on this game? I am semi considering getting a PS3+GT6, but not sure... I'm not sure just how cringe worthy the physics are - I'm only becoming a sim affectionado with rF2 and AC being my current favourites.

And also I am not sure just how fun this is - as afar as driving games against AI go, how does this rate (against similar games, not against iRacing or some online leagues haha)? Some say that AI are just stupidly slow and you pass all of them bar the leader in first half a lap. Are there no difficulty settings? Is there a difficulty curve, so that first races are easy, but latter are harder? And I do mean AI, not some tough time trial stages.
Well if you want to play a racing sim as a game, then yeah it's great. Meaning that you have to unlock cars, drive around cones to unlock a paint job, and save a queen from the castle, defended by four Veyrons... it's great fun.
Well, that is all metaphorically speaking But seriously, apart from unlocking cars, is there fun/difficulty in racing? Is the reported "easy mode" due to players using overly tuned cars compared to the AI? Or is it just a very easy game?

The last driving game that i played was Grid and it was tough I thought, particularly the infamous "RavenWest" challenges- AI was fast on higher difficulty settings, I had to restart loads of times but it was satisfying to beat it.
Honestly, when you mix a good combo and good tires (by good i don't mean best, but the ones that feel most realistic), it's really not that far from the PC sims, at all. Talking about GT5 mind you..
But that whole 'game' mentality around it, is offputting. Online system is on the 1998 level, and only thing left that is fun, is hotlaping on couple of good combos.
Scrap all that if you really enjoy unlocking cars, swapping engines, and doing casual racing with kids who don't know how to race..
I've only just got a PS3 and GT5 in November (waited for GT6 for Xmas )
The physics are not great compared to PC sims, but that is not the reason for me. For petrol heads who like cars, it's great to look through all the available exotica (or cars you've owned) and plan your next purchase.
And it looks great! The progression through the levels is enjoyable enough, I haven't played online yet.
I got my PS3 second hand from CEX (in UK), it's kept me entertained while we wait for the next LFS update.
Just don't expect to be blown away by the physics
This is what I mean- @ 1:26 this player overtakes AI (which is in a more powerful car) on the outside of a gentle turn. Is this the norm or has this been patched? (that's the problem with games nowadays, nothing is final, constant flux of patches and changes )

EDIT: or this: winning without even using gears higher than 3rd (!!!)
The AI is terrible in gt games. I enjoyed the online in GT5, had some excellent races and spent alot of time on it Sold my ps3 before GT6 though and I doubt i would of got it anyway as there doesn't seem to be enough differences between the two.
I wouldnt buy GT for online though - already have AC for that. GT is about it's single player, but if the state of AI is indeed like its in the two vids above, then forget it...
I hear about "horrible AI" all the time, but this is just ridiculous. Winning races with a cup of tea in your hand and never shifting above third is just...
When will be Gran Turismo's 1st January 2014?
I have PS3 only for GT6 (initially GT5) and it sucks but I love it. If you're a petrol head willing to collect cars, take care of them, tune them and take them for a spin every now and then, it's the best game out there for any platform. I really love hotlaping with my cars just for the sake of driving them with some decent physics, a good wheel and a manual shifter. It is a driving simulator, not a racing simulator. AI is the worst I've seen since the 80's, there are just random obstacles driving slowly around the track, and servers are full of people with 500hp Ford Focus driving with super soft racing tires, controlling the car with a gamepad with most aids on, so is not worh either.
Do you think it will be patched? Is new AI easier then GT5's? Basically is this AI so bad (like you said "worst since the 80s" lol!) due to some bugs, or is it PD's new philosophy/approach, did they say anything on this matter?

It just doesnt make sense really as Grid (just an example) that surely competes for the same slice of casual racers' market never had such ideas as "lets take the challenge from racing out of the game as it frustrates our customer base".
I use it only because I race against work mates online. If you are after AI racing you'll be bored in a week or so.
I have no idea about the plans that PD has regarding the AI but I have the feeling that they don't give a fu*k, that they will fix all this stupid things in GT7 for PS4 as a next gen title, PS3 has had enough.
Shame I think I'll wait a few months and will post the same question again- like I said I only wanted GT for its career mode, do not care about its online stuff (which I read is bugged to hell and back anyways with invisible players, disappearing cars etc - but that does not bother me like I said). Hope it will be patched!

Is GT5 AI more adequate?
I am doing the career and despite of the stupid AI it is actually kinda enjoyable, but for me the good thing about this game is the one I explained above. AI in GT5 is pretty much the same, maybe some races are a bit harder but only because you start way too far behind the first car.
Quote from NitroNitrous :I am doing the career and despite of the stupid AI it is actually kinda enjoyable, but for me the good thing about this game is the one I explained above. AI in GT5 is pretty much the same, maybe some races are a bit harder but only because you start way too far behind the first car.

OK, thank you!

Starting behind the first car (like 1 minute behind) is a trick that shows that PD's AI code is not capable of being a challenge in a normal way like starting from a pole position with player at the back of the grid as this gives only a few seconds advantage. So yeah, unlikely to be patched then.

I'll have a think if I can enjoy the game how you enjoy it, and have a look at the premium car list. cheers!

Gran Turismo 6
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