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Post your Car two
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Finally the respray is done, considering its rattle can grafitti paint it's come out quite well, the black trim now looks super rubbish and needs replacing doing, I throughly sanded it the first time, and degreased it plus used proper plastic primer, oh well, wheels also need to be gunmetal grey, she's nearly done now.
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Terrible pictures, but here's my new car - RenaultSport Megane 175.

What is this thread coming to........rattle can painted cars and photos of Renaults! Taped Shut Omg omg omg

Time to bring things back a little..........picking up my car after its restoration on Monday! Na-na (no completed pics, but heres one from the other week)

That's more like it Thumbs up
Some upgrades, project almost done

Let's revive this thread a little. So I bought a new car... Big grin

It's a '91 MR2 Turbo with custom built widebody and few other mods. Since it has a japanese engine,still has the control unit that limits top speed to 180km/h,well,ok,I got 210km/h once before the speed limiter cut off the throttle,but something that has to be removed.
It's relatively loud,not very comfortable (seats are actually good),no power steering,no other modern extras... Yep,that's my type of a car... Big grin
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SW20 very special car for the money Thumbs up
Not digging the 'stance' style stretched tires

Meanwhile - I got addicted to weight reduction, damn those German cars are full of unnecessary extras/shit, unbelievable amount of sound deadening etc.
My plan is to get from 1390kg to ~1150kg, btw it's my daily.

*work in progress
You could've found a more interesting block sign...
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Quote from kars19 :Not digging the 'stance' style stretched tires

Not a fan of them either,but since the turbocharged SW20 with steering wheel on the correct side is such rarity,you take what you can get. Will consider other rims at some point,but first need to get my bank account back to positive value... Big grin
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Well,not posting just my car,as there are many others - we had a small JDM meet in Munich,some made pictures,posted them in the FB event,check out what vehicles some are driving around here:
2 posts with picture albums,1 post with 1 picture (yea,with my car Big grin )and link to external album with many other pictures.
Some so-okay snapshots than photography from that FB event. Nice vehicles though.
My little 318is. Few mods like polybushings, E46 steering rack, LSD. Quite rolly in the photos because it was missing a rear anti roll bar

Going in for an M54B25 swap from an E46 in the coming weeks Smile
New daily, 3.0 V6 Heart

To the topic post your "car two" - got myself a winter beater in for of a '01 Mitsubishi Colt,pretty cheap actually. It has a 1.6l engine with pretty lame 103hp,but still it's pretty quick-ish,got even 188km/h (GPS measured) on autobahn. Threw out the fugly rusted steelies and got a set of cheap 15" rims,so now I can also take pictures without being ashamed about car's looks. Big grin The small one completed already the first journey almost 400km long. After having topped up to maximum it has travelled 500km and still has estimated spare of 10 liters out of 50 - pretty conservative on fuel despite my heavy foot.
Had to get one as here in Germany they like to spread out salt on roads by first notification of a single snowflake in sight,so I don't want my "racecar" getting rusty.

PS. Yes - numberplate with initials and including number 96 was a must. Big grin
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Quote from PoVo :My little 318is.

Going in for an M54B25 swap from an E46 in the coming weeks Smile

i have all of those parts and then some if you are stuck, pm me Smile
This happened last spring on the last days of winter(it suddenly snowed one night after a week of having clear roads):

Doesn't look like much, but there was a giant rock that teared the subframe apart and the motor was hanging inside the compartment at a 45 degree angle and the airbags blew, so it got pretty much totaled.

I've had this for about 8 months now and been loving it ever since:

It's a 2.0LPT model, but that will get fixed during this winter, as I have a running 2.3 waiting to get installed. After the winter's gone I'll be able to get the suspension worked, new discs and EBC pads and I think it's ready to see a track Smile
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Here is my more than 160km/h ,poor guy ,poor car Tongue

Sorry random and bad fotos
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Quote from nikopdr :Doesn't look like much, but there was a giant rock that teared the subframe apart and the motor was hanging inside the compartment at a 45 degree angle and the airbags blew

My wife once went over a speed bump (normal speed bump, reasonable pace, nothing unusual), heard a scraping and a bang, and then every time she changed gears there was a bang and the bonnet flexed. She managed to limp it home (very close by) where we discovered that the engine was now only held in place by a single engine mount and the drivetrain. The bonnet thing was the engine twisting/jumping up and hitting the bonnet from the underside when the wheel-load changed. That was the end of that car, I like to tell people that she scraped the engine out of it Smile
Hey folks. Long time. Any oldschoolers still around?

Picked up an R32 today after mostly owning Toyota's and Mazdas, wanted to see what the RB life was like.


Rb25 turbo (Running 14psi)
Split dump into 3" Straight pipe
HKS Mushroom pod filter
Front Mount Intercooler
Boost T
Strut Brace

17x9 Wheels
TKS Coilovers
Front Strut Brace
DriftWorks Front Caster Arms
DriftWorks Front Upper Camber/Control arm
DriftWorks Rear Toe Arms
DriftWorks Rear Hicas Eliminator Kit
Solid Subframe bushes
GKTech Solid Aluminium Steering Shaft Bushing

R33 Seats
Boost gauge
Water Temp Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Drift Button
Gear knob

Type M Front bumper
Type M Sideskirts
Type M Rear Pods
50mm Rear Overfenders
Roof lip

it not cool than skyline but make me happy for 3 years
i think Confused
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I finally cleaned it, for the first time in about 4 years. Not going to lie, I kind of wish I hadn't. 4 years of dirt has hid a multitude of sins. Everything is exposed and obvious now. I really need to sort out the bodywork.

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1 pic is with my old cars and second one is my car atm (second pic is what it looks like atm)

Accord CE7 black (sold)
Accord CE9 blue (junk)
Accord CL9 green (new one)

Accord CL9 is daily atm, really loving this car.. 2.4l I4 engine with 140kw/190hp and with 6-spd manual transmission.
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After 3 years, the Range Rover Sport finally embarked on its last journey with me to make way to moving back into a German brand... this time, Mercedes.

I picked up a lovely example.. 63-plate E63 AMG S Estate.. 25,000 miles, most options, including the Dynamic Multicontour front seats with massage feature.

Loving this motor.. still pretty luxurious inside (probably moreso than the Range Rover) and a damn sight faster with 577bhp and 590lb ft torque.

Looked at black originally as dark colours detail very nicely, but figured it'd just look like a fast herse, so went for the Designo Diamond White Bright (pearl white) instead.


Last sunday
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Post your Car two
(2437 posts, started )