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Quote from Eclipsed :Is that the one that farts everytime you switch gear? Looking

You mean this?

I have no idea, since I haven't heard mine accelerating from the outside. From the inside it's like an electric car. Very much muted until around 5000rpm, then you can hear the engine a little. But yeah the DSG is pretty sweet.
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Attended my first drift event last weekend.
Laugh then cry. xD

Ok so i havent posted on the forums for a good few years, i keep poking my nose in to see how the game has developed since i last played, guessing my work life has just taken over. but heres my new little beast.

Clio 182 with the alloys painted black Smile
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So the power steering pump in the WRX has been leaking for a few weeks, Subaru wanted $800 for a new pump as apparently they don't sell seal kits for the GDA WRX's...

Pump out...all the fluid pooled underneath it..

Rear cover off

$10 in o-rings later and all fixed...Good one Subaru.
Bought this guy about a month ago.

Seat Ibiza FR 2016
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That's a nice ST205 you got there Nitro.

Here's my rainbow rider.
Muh daily driven making some bangs and flames.

Haven't been here forever. New ride this year with a fresh divorce. Needed the hatch to haul the bicycle around with me. Not easy to find a proper transmission over here so there isn't much to choose from. Just about the only options are the Focus, Impreza, and Mazda3. Couldn't find a Focus with a manual to try out (I do hate the Focus as I have access to an auto sedan.) The Impreza was a complete piece of garbage. Horrid clutch, shifter felt like it was going to break apart in my hand, could barely move between gears, and I was running 60 mph and pressed the throttle to see how well it would pick up if at all. Well, it didn't. Foot was already on the floor. Gutless.

So, ended up with the Mazda3, as basic as I could get. Bike slides easily in the hatch and plenty of room in the back for it. I'm seeing up to 45 mpg at times but I'm mostly getting about 36. Plenty of power though I really miss that turbo. The old Jetta was falling apart.

Quote from mrodgers :The Impreza was a complete piece of garbage. Horrid clutch, shifter felt like it was going to break apart in my hand, could barely move between gears, and I was running 60 mph and pressed the throttle to see how well it would pick up if at all. Well, it didn't. Foot was already on the floor. Gutless.

Was that the new Impreza? It's this bad after the Impreza/WRX split?
Quote from Keling :Was that the new Impreza? It's this bad after the Impreza/WRX split?

I have never driven a Subaru before so don't know what any of them are like. I don't know what cars are like outside of the US where the majority drive manual. Over here in the States, all the rage is the crap CVT. You can't buy a Honda in anything but CVT now. Subaru is going that way as well. I was lucky to find one to drive with a manual.

It was a new 2016 model with the 2.0L. It could be a completely different transmission setup outside of the US. As I said, everything is being pushed CVT, thus there isn't any thought going into manuals for over here other than the "specialty" cars such as the WRX/STI or Focus ST/RS kind of cars. It's very sad that we can't buy a car as basic transportation and also enjoy driving the dang things.

I was surprised to see that Mazda went a little with the opposite thought. A manual was only available in the GT model with the 2.5L. It's now offered in every model they have. There wasn't a lot out there available to purchase, but there were a lot more than the 0 within 200 miles of me with the Focus or 1 within 200 miles of me with the Subaru. Just about every Mazda dealer had at least 1 manual available.
My diesel darling Big grin
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Oops I guess. Lesson learned, NEVER leave gopro home.
Is that a tree stuck in the underside of the chassis?
That must have been a spectacular jump! Omg omg omg
Haha it wasn't quite as special as you are imagining. Yes that's a tree, but it was a fallen tree and the other end was hanging quite too close to the apex of that corner. So when I cut the corner a bit too bravely, the tree went trough the car's chassis near the tyre and buried itself in the engine bay. Thus swinging the car around and bringing it to a sudden hault.

Next weekend will include some fender kicking so we will get the car to drivable state again. Carbs need changing too, that tree bent one of the trumpets while it was penetrating the poor car. Will change the 40 solexes to a pair of 45 DCOE's while we're at it (have an extra pair laying around).
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Sooo i found an 89 mx5 for an absolute steal. Been a while since ive had another weekend toy.

I see why so many people love them now, fun cars.

Pretty stock
Locked diff
aluminium rad/Twin thermos
Poly bushes here and there
Here's my Stang, and my Saab.

Too many mods to list, it's a 2004 GT, I swapped out the rear quarter scoops for the '99 style because they looked better when painted. I've done a lot with the exterior and interior because stock these cars are very boring, and the interior is just abysmal, though thankfully mine has the premium leather, which was a good place to start; the standard cloth interiors for these cars were absolutely horrible and I'd never even consider owning one with it. The new edge design 'can' be very nice, see 2003/2004 Cobra. I didn't want it to be a Cobra clone, I wanted something unique. Just pick a nice unique theme and run with it. Also suspension, wheels/tires, and brakes are an absolute must, and if you want to make any real power with the 4.6 2Valve, forced induction is essential. 450WHP and 477RWT. Before the turbo, with full bolt-on's, exhaust, gears and tune, I was able to put down about 320whp.

Some recent pics, see bottom for my Saab.

1995 Saab with Viggen turbo and lots of other little things, full suspension, brakes. Awesome daily driver.
2x e36 (328i & 318ti)
Been ages since I updated this. The Clio's gone now.

My daily is a Volvo C30, although it's the T5 and isn't stock. It has 316bhp and 382lbft, the torque being the most impressive part as that means the time it takes to go from rolling in 2nd to off the speedometer isn't long at all! To put that grunt down it runs on AD08Rs. Corners surprisingly quickly, incredibly comfortable, and wipes smiles off of faces left right and centre. Also shoots 2 foot flames out the back.

For track duties next year I've got this to play with, its first event is on the 20th of this month.
Been away for a while. But I'm back now! Hueh.

Bought this baby in January 2016. Absolutely loving it.

2001 (Facelift) BMW E46 Touring 330xd (X-Drive), manual gearbox, full-option, M-Spec 2, Invidual and much more.

M sport suspension has been swapped to Bilstein B6. Loving and hating it at the same time. No plans on modding the engine. It's my daily and I'm happy with the power it already makes. It has the first generation M57d30 engine which luckily doesn't have swirl flaps. I've done some cosmetic mods to it and planning on getting 19" rims for it by summer time.

R17' it the best/ideal size for the e46 330, no point of getting R19'
Well, yeah.. I'm having a very hard ride already with Bilstein B6 suspension and those tires. 19" would be just for the looks. Big grin

But I just can't resist..
They will look hideous, imagine the brake gap, you need ~400mm rotors to fill out those rims, not even talking about worse performance, braking, fuel economy, etc.
You are correct on this one. We'll see.
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I cant remember if i evr did start a little write up of my car to date or not so here's one anyway.

When i first bought it nearly 3 years ago, very standard, very average...

I then resprayed all the faded discoloured trim plastic and the grille in satin black.

Then realised that the headlights looked like total garbage so got some new ones designed for the facelift post 2000 cars, luckily they fit...

Then super clear indicator lenses to match, and silvatek bulbs, much better.

I was then approached at work about an old set of alloys that were going to be thrown away, rays engineering split rims, in 17 inch, and in 4x114 stud pattern, winner.

Test fitment, tyre size hilarious but they fit, success!

So old tyres off, refurbed myself...

and on.

Arch gap looks absolutely pathetic though so coilovers ordered, in the mean time i can create the custom freer flowing exhaust system now all the bits are here, all she has is one small box and the 4 inch tip, and the cat obviously which has to stay for legal reasons, sounds top and goes a lot better without the 2 massive boxes and a resonator in the mix anymore.

I then fitted the rear coilovers as they came really quickly (as you can see in the picture) but couldnt do the fronts as i needed the later model top mounts, back to ebay then, just time to finish the exhaust tip, not bad for someone who's only used a welder a handful of times, welded it all myself, no leaks at all either, which is nice Smile

And coilovers fitted and set up, just the way i like it Smile

All that remains now is to do the respray, iv'e had the paint for over a month but am just waiting for a good enough day weather wise, i know its graffiti paint and so isn't really meant to spray a car but i have a few friends who have done theirs and it really has come out well so i'm gonna do it anyway, plus i love the colour.

That's about it really, i think ill be redoing the wheels in anthracite or metallic gunmetal once the repray is done but other than that i think thats all i really want to do, although the T4 engine would be nice haha

Post your Car two
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