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Post your Car two
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Installed the new kit yesterday and have some fitment issue on the sideskirts, missing 1,5-2cm for it to fit between the wheelarches.
the overall fitment werent the greatest either, but i didnt expect anything else either since its not a legit one. prolly gona smash it up pretty soon anyway. Big grin

Ye, RB25. Smile

Kitted fitted and testdriven. Omg omg omg

Those chrome rims are killing me. Big grin
Ma beetle :l
Is no soo cool same a 240sx but is funny
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A bad month for my bus. First this happened.

Then this happened.

Very bad times. Especially as each event was caused by someone else. Makes me a sad kitty.
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The scratch should buff out? or at least enough to pretty much hide it.. doesn't make it OK though.

That said, it, it could be worse (thanks to a detailer who'd never driven an auto before!).


Quote from Ian.H :The scratch should buff out? or at least enough to pretty much hide it.. doesn't make it OK though.

That said, it, it could be worse (thanks to a detailer who'd never driven an auto before!).



We're thinking it might buff out. It happened while in the care of the garage, so it is going away to the bodyshop so they can produce a quote for a repair.

The broken track rod (and in turn both alloys and tyres), is because the recovery firm who moved the vehicle had never moved a 4x4 auto before, some genius decided to move it in park (because selecting neutral is too much like hard work) and rather than using the towing eye it appears they wrapped a strap around the front axle. Getting them to pay up is proving to be a ballache though. They are still "investigating" the incident.

Feel sorry for the guy who owns that Sport. What is so hard about hitting the brake pedal when a vehicle is going out of control? Are people insane? "Oh no, this vehicle won't stop. Best scream rather than hitting the brakes."
The reason I got into detailing 5 years or so ago was due to my E46 convertible being keyed from end to end... I think I paid about £400 for the polisher, polishes and some pads and tried it myself. I couldn't get it out completely (I always now go by if you can feel the edge of a scratch with your nail, you're unlikely to remove it entirely) but I managed to "hide" it to the point that you needed to know it was there to see anything.

There's no excuse for the broken track rod et al. I don't even know why they didn't check to see what gear it was in.. pretty sure they would have for a manual (or is it a case of needing to put your foot on the brake before you can release park on the older RRs? I've only driven the newer ones but it's something I'd try before dragging it anyway!). I assume the valance was damaged via the strap too as it tightened and lifted upwards? Hope you manage to get them to pay out.. a shame it always seems to be the customer that gets screwed over Frown

Apparently the Consumer Rights Act 2015 is having multiple companies quaking a bit as it sways more towards the side of the customer.. might be worth keeping in your Bat Belt™ if the "investigation" goes on too long (it covers services supplied as well as goods AFAIK).

The fella that owns the RRS is certainly more laid back than I. He's more annoyed / frustrated at the inconvenience than the £2.5k damage to the RRS and whatever cost to the wall. I think I'd have put the fella's head through the rest of the wall personally! Totally agree through.. manual, auto.. irrespective, they all have a brake pedal... an auto far bigger than manual so why you'd fail to be able to hit that is beyond me! Not sure the "that'll buff out" answer would quite work on that one, no matter how good the detailer thinks he is Big grin


Quote from 5tag :
Quote from e2mustang :some new things

Never understood the appeal of those.

Quote from R3DMAN :they are behind the seat, you can see them through the holes

Aren't they 4-point harnesses? How can they go through those holes and why are they back there?

yup, they are 4 point, but because i dont use them when driving on the street i tuck them behind the seat so they dont get in the way..

tis is how they join.

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Back for a post after a big break. Here's what I still drive, for over 2 years now. Running fine so far, but will be getting a newer/better car probably in the coming months.

The red spot on the rear bumper is primer. Couldn't finish up the bodywork in there.

Traded in my A3 for something a little more exciting
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<<<My M5
Not been in the thread for ageeees. Current two cars

Old Honda (Did 3k miles in this in 2015!)

Newly acquired, but even older BMW 328. My new daily.

Also still have my E28 Turbo as well as a motorbike (looking to change this for a faster one in March)
My daily since summer, the GT-Four is now a weekend/special ocasion toy Smile

Lovely couple you have, doyal
Quote from doyal :
Newly acquired, but even older BMW 328. My new daily.

I love it I love it I love it, especially with the engine.... a masterpiece !!!!!!
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Uuuh,chilly! Big grin
I still recall few years back in Latvia,where we had -15°C over day (even under -20°C in night) - didn't hear a single diesel engine sound (except comercial/public transport and service vehicles) then... Big grin
Now I'm in South Germany - I have forgotten how -10°C feels. Shrug It's still under freezing point over nights here,but during day snow loses quite a chunk of it's capacity.
Somwhere around -10/-20C and loads of snow. My first winter in Sweden, loving it.Omg omg omg
1980 R4 GTL (R1128)

Bone stock, 157.000 km.
I grew up with it (former grandma's car).
Need (a fair amount of) work.
Had enough of FWD bullcrap, picked up a cheap unmolested E46 for some fun next winter. Tongue

Gave up on my e36 318is (was leaking absolutely every fluid). And bought this dusty old girl.

And here she is all clean and next to her great-grandmother

1.4 140bhp/103Kw DSG
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Post your Car two
(2437 posts, started )