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You can get it with this front too, a bit better

Quote from Shotglass :the future:
(imagine it to be an fd instead of an fc underneath all the rust and crap)

LMAO/too true!!! Thinking back on my replies to him awhile back.. @ least his budget's so low, (considering past "projects"), that he'll wind up buying one that's already been ruined.

Quote from JJ72 :...

I was tempted to buy some of those gauges, but with no brightness adjustment/dimming when you turn on the lights etc, I opted otherwise. That being said.. looks great. You still need to pad that roll bar though, even if it does cover up the shiny. (or pray you never get in an accident)

Quote from Franky.S :which you are pretty good at

This ^^

Quote from Dennis93 :so therefore he should die painfully and hopefully his whole family and countrymen beside him?


Have you watched any of his videos? I rarely say such things, but the world is a better place without that retard, no matter how or by whom his life was written off. Might feel kinda bad for close family/friends, but if they knew what an idiot he was behind the wheel, they knew it was coming.
Quote from _Rob_ :Not the damage no - not a fan of the S14 looks, S14A looks ok from the front but that's it for me

Ah right ok!

Well yeah, different tastes.

I'll have my first potential buyer tomorrow, hope I can get it sold

In the meanwhile i has spotted this..... bit above my budget but I can fix that..

That's more like it ^
Couple from the other day...

I'd probably get a car after the summer holidays. I'm still thinking about many models but some of them are a bit too expensive and/or hard to find/import, so I will end up getting whatever I find.


Suzuki Cappuccino - Cheap to buy, cheap to keep and fun to drive, so it would be a good project car. The perfect way of having fun not spending too much.
Daihatsu Trevis - Damn slow but I just love the funky looks, is cheap and practical.
Daihatsu Copen 1.3 - Always loved this little thing, is like a modern and refined Cappo. Too bad is FWD, that's what's keeping me away from it.
Mazda MX5 1.8 NB - Nothing wrong with this car, we all know how good they are. For some reason I just like it but I don't love it.
Honda S2000 - Probably my favorite. Driving pleasure, high reving engine and great sound.... Probably the three things that I care most. Slightly over my budget thought (for a low mileage one).
Toyota Supra TwinTurbo MkIV - I just love the looks and the engine, and appreciate the extra seats. Is not a very realistic option though, not easy to find and most of them have way too high mileage.
Mazda RX8 - Quite affordable nowadays, decent performance, cool sound, high reving engine, great looks and all this with 4 seats and a decent boot. What else do I need? I'm just a bit scared about the realiabilty, even though I read a lot about them and everything should be ok, I don't know if I could live with the fear that any random day the engine could die.
Honda Integra Type R DC2 - Always loved this one. Is a FWD, but one of the best. I'm using a Mazda MX3 V6 at the moment so switching to the Integra would basically be like modding the Mazda to race specs. Not enough difference to justify the purchase to be honest.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI: It's been my favorite car for many years when I was a kid, especially the Tommy. They're only cheap in UK, but not that cheap if you add all the expenses of importing one, plus is not easy to homologate them in Spain if they are JDM imports, plus fuel consumption is just insane in a country where you pay 2 euro / litre.

Still a couple of months to decide! It would be my daily drive btw.
Quote from Jakg :Couple from the other day...


Love how the last one gives the impression of the MG being fast.
Quote from Jakg :Couple from the other day...

Are the numberplate lights really that bright? A bit extreme IMO, these are the ones on mine

But some good snaps!
Quote from R34GTR :Are the numberplate lights really that bright? A bit extreme IMO, these are the ones on mine

But some good snaps!

Long exposure makes them glare, but no they are a "sensible" level (although they are LED ones).
Quote from NitroNitrous :plus fuel consumption is just insane in a country where you pay 2 euro / litre.

Don't bother looking at a supra or rotary if this is a concern of yours.
Tempted to go for this

audi = huge repair bills... D:
Quote from [RCG]Boosted :audi = huge repair bills... D:

Yup! If I wasn't a mechanic I wouldn't think of owning one, luckily I just have to pay for parts
Quote from Klutch :Don't bother looking at a supra or rotary if this is a concern of yours.

Yep. I change my mind every week but the one I have in my mind right now is the S2000. I'll just wait few more months to save enough for it, is gonna worth it
I got a 2011 Audi A4 1.8T, im in the process of getting a new car soon though so this will change.
Mine 96' 318i manual
My old girl, 84' 330i
i need to buy a car in uk as importing mine looks like a lot of headache.(ill still keep it,but goes back to hungary somehow) So now i need to choose a car and honestly i was thinking of an mx5 even ! (yeah,i know.. !) or ofc beema,and i dunno what else for around 1200 or less. any ideas boys?
No idea, but think about the insurance as well, it's a pain in the ass in the UK.

1.0 Corsa?
go die :P

i should be ok for insurance as im over 25 but its still wont be cheap enough. ill probably call insurance companies tomorrow for qoutes on some cars so i can see whats my budget if we dont have many cars to fix. than we can find THE car but im open for ideas,not like corsa ones XD
Get the mx5

The answer to all automotive queries is “Miata.” Have a question about which car to buy? The overwhelming majority will recommend Mazda’s roadster.
Need a daily driver? Miata.
Need a track car? Miata.
Need an autocross car? Miata.
Need a car for a family of four? Two Miatas.

Then buy a t shirt
And watch the video
i think ill stick to bmw
two latvians look at clouds.
One see potato
other see impossible dream.
Is same cloud.
My mk2.5 Focus Titanium, traded in my mk1.5 Focus LX and some £'s for it back in November.

Downside of this colour - it shows up EVERY SCRATCH!!!

Post your Car two
(2432 posts, started )