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Always nice to see a pussy getting sucked by a big black nozzle.

It's not really like that anymore. Most places have a unified faucet these days.
lol never knew anyone ever had this

lol, how the fck do you wash hands like that? Colonized half of the globe, forgot to make unified faucets in their motherland..
and even when u have the unified one u can still feel the hot and cold seperatly,well i do
what the.....all i can imagine is having the hot reach full hot (depending on h/w heater settings potentially VERY hot), and cold reach full cold; miserable time.

i wonder the sickness rate over there, since people must be reluctant to wash their hands..
You gotta had bowls in XIXth century to use it
Wow, what century do we live?

I still often see it in France as well by the way.
We run a sink full of water and wash in that. We're not bloody savages like the rest of the world you know....

The trick is to use the hot quickly before it gets really hot. Or just man the f*ck up and use the cold.

Quote from DANIEL-CRO :

In other words it's best to be black gay female. Welcome to current world, a place where wrong meets right and right meets wrong (non related to last sentence)

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I still think that people who don't vote cannot complain, since they have not been bottered to take a stand for changes. At same time he have a point, if you vote on someone that does the changes you are also responsible for that. But at same time, many times you vote on someone, and their politics turn out to be something different than what they promissed. I think you still have the right to complain than, since it's not the politics you vote on.

But hell I know, time to get drunk!

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