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#51 - Jakg
Heres my edit, ive learnt from Evans tho, its definately not cliche so you cant say its bad!
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Before this thread will be sent to oblivion, i'd like to post edits...
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pic01 edit.jpg
Quote from Smax :I don't want to be too critical since you've answered my request and your screenshots are much better than my system is capable of, but would you grab a few nice skins? Since imho plain black cars are bit...well....plain

I see where you're coming from, but.. as a personaly opinion... I prefer the BF1 in plain black to any other colour or skin :P The bloody car is so busy with all the winglets as it is

Nice pics guys... I didn;t get a chance yesturday to grab any nice pics. I think I had a neat photo op in the one replay i saved from an online race though. If not, I will do some laps today and see what I come up with.
Is there somebody who wants to try to edit these, maybe rain for the 2nd and 3rd?
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edit: updated pic
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edit 3.jpg
You forgot to blur the wheels.
nice to see my idea for the thread is useful
Greets to FolkWaltz. That edit is moody and extremely welldone.
A blend of Kojima MGS with Michel Vaillaint, seasoned with talent i rarely see around this forum.
He should post it here himself.

Thats a pic i would be proud of myself.
Quote from Jakg :Heres my edit, ive learnt from Evans tho, its definately not cliche so you cant say its bad!

@VALE 46 - That is very nice. It's got subtle vibrance to it.. if that makes sense :P Looks like a very well done oil painting. Great job
Love the lighting on the driver's helmet and the front of the car.
Quote from Taavi(EST) :Before this thread will be sent to oblivion, i'd like to post edits...

Some nice effects there. Out of the ordinary.
Now, back in to the ordinary...
I've no idea how to do rain, so didn't try.
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Great edits here. I haven't the first clue on how to edit a screenshot like these, nor do I have Photoshop. I do have PaintShop Pro though...

After reading the little arguement about screenie editing on the second page, I had an idea that would be really cool to see the results. Someone select a replay and a specific time slot to take a screenshot. Note the time in the replay, then everyone take their own screenshot at that specific time and edit that. That would put the artistic ability of choosing the right angle for the shot, etc. into it. I'd like to see results of that.
heres a few i did of your standar screenies

simple stuff but affectiv
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Basic pic and my edit ...

edit: edited some jaggies
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bridge 1.jpg
Edit of Luke's screenshot. What do you think?
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Well i like it tonix, good job
I thought I'd try at editing, so here's my pic

EDIT: couple of screens for you to mess with
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#71 - orre
how do I post an image if the is no URL address.
#74 - eowl
i like evans style he has a great sense of art in his pictures
i also think that the regular rainy pics are to boring take a look at evans´ rainy pic and see how beautiful it is it is art i might be posting a pic some time too
Just hassled something with filters...
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Edit my screenshot
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