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The RIP Thread
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Quote from Botswanan Salama :Wait, how does a serbian know a ski jumper? Big grin Someone actually watches ski jumping in Serbia? Uhmm

I did, as a kid, and this is when Matti became a LEGEND! Jens Weissflog could only come close, but never really be better than Matti.
Now I watch it occasionally, mostly sky flying at the end of the season (which is now Smile ). Still remember Ahonen's crash after braking WR at the time, from few years a go.

Sooo, yes... someone in Serbia actually watches ski jumping / flying and admire those crazy bastards Smile
Quote from Lotesdelere :Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) 1955-2019

God damnit Schwitz ... Another legend from the '80s is gone Frown
Keith Flint from The Prodigy. 1969-2019.

RIP Dick Dale
R.I.P. Chewy,

Actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars films, has died.

Mayhew's family said in a statement Thursday that he died at his home in Texas on Tuesday. He was 74. No cause of death was given.
Niki Lauda 1949-2019
That is moving (assetto corsa server)
RIP Bury Football Club 1885-2019
Jessi Combs.

Taken from us to soon..please google her and just take a look at what she accomplished for women in motor sports .

A TRUE racers heart that beats no more.

She will be missed.

RIP Anthoine HUBERT! Frown Was horrible to see it with my own eyes.
Neil Peart, the drummer of iconic Canadian band Rush, has died at age 67.

RIP to one of the worlds best drummers.

Rick Mercer interviews and plays with Neil Peart, funny little vid. Gonna miss Neil.
Manu Dibango (Musician)

Albert Uderzo (Asterix co-founder and illustrator)
RIP to all Coronavirus victims
Stirling Moss

The RIP Thread
(390 posts, started )