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The RIP Thread
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R.I.P My dog, Matilda <3
RIP Yoda.

You were the best dog ever.
We still have him in a tin.
Its been just over 8 months since that terrible night, but the inquests verdict came out today. ... motorcyclist-04042012.htm

It will never bring him back, but knowing that he wouldnt have suffered is some kind of comfort to all of his friends and family alike.

RIP Richard Michael Leadon, gone but never ever forgotten.
R.I.P gary moore... woulda been 60 today, definitely the best of the first gen les paul players imho, he played with the best, the worst and the downright average and bettered them all.
Quote from CheerioDM :RIP Yoda.

You were the best dog ever.
We still have him in a tin.

Must admit, that's the best name for a dog I've ever read.
R.I.P. Jack Tramiel
(he died two days ago...)
RIP MCA from the Beastie Boys. Little known fact: The Beastie boys predicted 9/11. (in 1998)
Quote from jonmrbean :I though this was the official R.I.P. thread.

Sorry for not using me common sense.

It's ok, I was just trying to say that there was already a mention about that somewhere
Despite making funny noises he was still a good singer.
Quote from MattsterGT :Must admit, that's the best name for a dog I've ever read.

Full name Yoda Buddha *******
Maybe 42 pounds when he died.
You will never find a pug that big ever.
Went to a pugfest three or four years and he was always the biggest.
He was like a ****ing giant bowling ball when he got irritated with you.
BTW that pic is us going to a pugfest in October.
R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, one of our time's most creative minds.
R.I.P Liberty 'Bubble' Page, one of the most dedicated drum n bass raver girls i have ever had the pleasure to know, taken from us on thursday at the age of just 22, we went to the rave as planned tonight, and we stomped it out just that bit harder in her honour, and we all know that she would be as proud of us for going to it without her as we all are of her for being the lovely girl that she was, we smashed it just for you girl, sleep tight x

Liberty 'Bubble' Page, 1990 - 2012. Gone, but NEVER forgotten! <3

E: Just wrote something, im calling it libz lyric....

You may have passed but your never forgotten, sometimes i think this world is just so god damn rotten,

all the best ones, the good ones, are taken away, i simply cant make sense of it, what else can i say,

life it isnt fair sometimes its just so wrong, how can young people like yourself be here one minute then gone,

but in your honour we'll rock proper yeah we'll smash up the rave, stomp that little bit harder, for Liberty 'Bubble' page.
That's way to young to go!

Rest in Peace....

Nice tribute Dan.
Seems odd posting in here but my mum died last Wednesday. She suffered a brain haemorrhage while doing her grocery shopping around lunch time and died in hospital the same evening. Fortunately my sister was with her when she began to feel ill, and I and my partner Jane were also with her for the few hours before she died.

Naively I think we were expecting her to just 'slip away' peacefully in the end, but it couldn't be described in those terms at all. Very traumatic. Hopefully it was some comfort to my mum that we were there. I should add that all the staff at Pinderfields hospital who treated her were excellent, and she was treated with genuine kindness and dignity by everyone involved.

Funeral is on Tuesday. So it goes.
You have my sympathy. I know what it's like to have a parent die out of the blue like that.

Best wishes to you and your family Kev.

The RIP Thread
(405 posts, started )