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The RIP Thread
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R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Such a great actor. Farewell Mr.Spock, live long and prosper.
Greatest actor of all times!
R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy.
Live long and prosper.
He still never got to catch the Duke boys.. RIP
RIP my hopes and dreams!
To the King of Blues R.I.P

Your rifs and impact will be felt for many years to come,

B.B King

September 16, 1925, May 14 2015.

A Sad Ant
This is a Wellington, Samoa, NZ RIP.
Jerry Collins killed on a French Motorway. RIP MATE.....

French paper Midi Libre reports the crash happened a little after 4:30am French time in the department of Herault along the highway near Béziers on the way to the city of Montpellier.

The Herald understands Ms Madill was driving at the time of the crash and Collins was in the backseat.

Their baby daughter has been taken to Montpellier hospital in a critical condition.

Collins had been in Canet-en-Roussillon attending a testimonial banquet for Samoan rugby player Henry Tuilagi who plays for Perpignan.
Conversations with Jerry Collins were always intriguing.

Like his rugby, his opinions were direct and delivered with some feeling. He toned them down for the electronic media but when he was engaged with the newspaper scribblers, Collins would surge into his work.

His sentences were spiked with expletives as he challenged you to quote him with or without his earthy language.

There were no clauses, no sub-sections to his thoughts. Just like his footy, he gave his opinion right between your eyes. Sometimes you felt it was another game the husky-voiced Collins was playing.
One of my best mates was beaten up quite badly last weekend in Cambridge, he was a bit of a lad back a few years ago, one of those that your parents would probably tell you to keep away from as a youngster, he hadn't fallen in with the wrong crowd, tbh he was probably one of the leaders of it lol, so hearing that he'd been in a rumble wasn't really a surprise, despite him turning things around and being a lot less of a bad boy he still had enemy's probably, and all we thought was well I bet the other guy has come off just as bad, but regardless of any of that he would do anything for a friend in need, or even if they weren't a friend, if he was around and a total stranger was in trouble he'd always help if he could, he's just that type of guy, with a heart of gold.

More info then emerged that he was actually very badly hurt, he had been found unresponsive at the side of the road by a passer by and was revived by the ambulance crew, rushed into theatre and had an operation to remove skull fragments from his brain, and that until he'd come out of the medically induced coma there was no way to know how badly he would be affected as they didn't know how long he was without oxygen for.

On Thursday evening his sister contacted us to say that it was far worse than we all thought, and despite the hospitals best efforts he was showing no brain activity at all, in essence he was already gone, and that in accordance with his wishes as an organ donor, the life support machine was to be turned off at midnight, and he very sadly passed away shortly after.

A lot of sadness, and a lot of anger too, sad because he has gone, and anger towards whoever did this to him, let's hope these bastards are brought to justice, because despite his past, he was a loving and kind hearted man with as I said, a real heart of gold, and he will be very deeply missed, my other half was also very close to him, as was I, and our 11 month old sons little face used to light up when uncle Jeff came round, i still can't believe it.

Rest in peace Jeff Henry.
RIP JulesFrown

Definetly not a good way to start morning to read news alert on phone of that. Not at all.
RIP Bianchi
Bit of a change, the 'lucky not live on TV' non RIP post .

Australian surfer Julian Wilson's selfless heroism is being praised after he swam towards a great white shark that was attacking his rival Mick Fanning.
While many competitors may have fled to shore in terror, Wilson instead swam out to help his 34-year-old rival, the Australian newspaper reported.
He told the Australian after the ordeal: "It came up and he was wrestling it, and I saw he got knocked off his board ... I felt like I couldn't get there quick enough.

"I was like 'I've got a board, if I can get there I can stab it or whatever, I've got a weapon'."

Typical bloody Australian !
R.I.P. Justin Wilson. Unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries after being hit in the head by debris from another car during the IndyCar race at Pocono on Sunday.

Quote from IndyCar's Facebook Page :INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 24, 2015) – INDYCAR announced that driver Justin Wilson, who enjoyed success in multiple motorsports series during a two-decade professional career, died today from a head injury suffered in the Verizon IndyCar Series race Aug. 23 at Pocono Raceway. He was 37.
“This is a monumentally sad day for INDYCAR and the motorsports community as a whole,” said Mark Miles, CEO of Hulman & Co., the parent of INDYCAR and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. “Justin’s elite ability to drive a race car was matched by his unwavering kindness, character and humility – which is what made him one of the most respected members of the paddock. As we know, the racing industry is one big family, and our efforts moving forward will be focused on rallying around Justin’s family to ensure they get the support they need during this unbelievably difficult time.”
Wilson was struck by debris from a single-car crash on Lap 180 of the 200-lap race on the 2.5-mile triangular oval. Wilson was attended to by the Holmatro Safety Team and airlifted to Lehigh Valley Hospital–Cedar Crest in Allentown, Pa.
A native of Sheffield, England, Wilson recorded seven career Indy car victories – the most recent in 2012 at Texas Motor Speedway – and eight pole starts in 174 races. He totaled 711 career laps led, including two in the Aug. 23 race. He competed in Formula One in 2003 with Minardi and Jaguar, and his initial F1 points were scored that year in the U.S. Grand Prix on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course. He co-drove a Michael Shank Racing sports car entry to the overall victory in the 50th anniversary Rolex 24 at Daytona in 2012.
Wilson, a road cycling and mountain biking enthusiast, also was an ambassador for dyslexia, a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading that challenged him as a youth. He often would speak to groups at the racetrack and visit schools near INDYCAR race venues.
Wilson is survived by his wife, Julia, and two daughters. His younger brother Stefan is an accomplished race car driver who has competed in the Verizon IndyCar Series and Indy Lights. Funeral arrangements are pending. In lieu of flowers, a fund has been set up for Wilson children. Donations may be sent to: Wilson Children's Fund, c/o INDYCAR, 4551 W. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN 46222.

I was hoping I wouldn't get to read something like this. Again an incident involving head impact, again a dead driver. First Henry Surtees in 2009, then Bianchi, and now Justin. How many more will have to die this way?
Wes Craven...see you in my nightmares..SCREAM!

Johnny Depp owes this guy his whole career.

And lets not forget a young Drew Barrymore running for her life, Zexy scene! ( or was that "Scary Movie"?)
[/quote]I was hoping I wouldn't get to read something like this. Again an incident involving head impact, again a dead driver. First Henry Surtees in 2009, then Bianchi, and now Justin. How many more will have to die this way?[/quote]

Don't get bummed out, they know the risks. A test pilot will tell you "I do so many may be saved" a race car driver says...GO!

If they wanted to be safe and race on the edge, they'd be here on LFS and reset...RIP Justin.
It is a case of dying doing what you love, check this out for a real case in point.
Denis Clive "Denny" Hulme, OBE (18 June 1936 – 4 October 1992) was a New Zealand racing driver who won the 1967 Formula One World Drivers' Championship for the Brabham team. Between his debut at Monaco in 1965 and his final race in the 1974 US Grand Prix, he started 112 Grand Prix, resulting eight victories and 33 trips to the podium. He also finished third in the overall standing in 1968 and 1972.

A favourite event of Hulme's was the Bathurst 1000, held at the famous Mount Panorama track in Australia. In the 1992 event he was driving a semi-works supported BMW M3 for the Benson & Hedges Racing when after complaining over the car-to-pits radio of blurred vision (originally thought to be because of the heavy rain) Hulme suffered a massive heart attack at the wheel whilst driving along the high-speed Conrod Straight. After veering into the wall on the left side of the track at about 140 mph (230 km/h),[15] he managed to bring the car to a relatively controlled stop sliding against the safety railing and concrete wall on the right side of the track. When marshals reached the scene they found Hulme still strapped in. He was taken from the car straight to Bathurst Hospital where he was officially pronounced dead.

Last words from another Kiwi great...

Bruce McLaren died (aged 32) when his Can-Am car crashed on the Lavant straight just before Woodcote corner at Goodwood Circuit in England on 2 June 1970. He had been testing his new M8D when the rear bodywork came adrift at speed. The loss of aerodynamic downforce destabilized the car, which spun, left the track, and hit a bunker used as a flag station.

Motorsport author Eoin Young said that Bruce McLaren had "virtually penned his own epitaph" in his 1964 book From the Cockpit. Referring to the death of team-mate Timmy Mayer, McLaren had written:

The news that he had died instantly was a terrible shock to all of us, but who is to say that he had not seen more, done more and learned more in his few years than many people do in a lifetime? To do something well is so worthwhile that to die trying to do it better cannot be foolhardy. It would be a waste of life to do nothing with one's ability, for I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.
rip lfs 1939-1945
South African Rugby sadly died today...
No flowers by request.

The RIP Thread
(405 posts, started )